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[now credited to Elizabeth Robins and Florence Bell]

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Robins, Elizabeth, and Florence Bell. Alan's Wife. A play in three scenes based on a story by Elin Ameen. Originally published anonymously. London: Henry and Co., 1893. Ed. Joanne E. Gates. Available as PDF images from The Elizabeth Robins Web at Jacksonville State University.  Pagination of play text in the header conforms to that of orignial printing. [Date of access]

Also note: Duplicating or printing multiple copies for class or performance use requires permission of the editor, Re-styling, re-duplication by electronic means, mailing of the file or the link is forbidden. Permission to add the link to a remote site's list of links is allowed, providing that authors Elizabeth Robins and Florence Bell and editor Joanne E. Gates receive credit.

This internet edition does not include the editor's preface by J. T. Grein (v-viii) and the introduction by William Archer (ix-lii)

Proofreading by Donna Phillips Coleman, in partial fulfillment of EH 572, Fall 2003.

For critical commentary on the play, see:

Gates, Joanne E. Elizabeth Robins 1862-1952: Actress, Novelist, Feminist. Tuscaloosa and London: University of Alabama Press, 1994. [recipient of the U of A Press's Elizabeth Agee Prize]