Quality Enhancement Plan

What is QEP?

As part of the reaffirmation process through our accrediting body SACSCOC (the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission), JSU is called upon to under take a  Quality Enhancement Plan, more commonly, and easily, referred to as the QEP.

The QEP is a carefully designed and conceived course of action to improve some aspect of student learning and development at JSU.   While it doesn't have to include every student at JSU, the QEP does require a broad based input and implementation across the university population, from students to staff and from professors to administrators.

In a sense, the reaffirmation process that we undergo every ten years is a chance for JSU to take a step back and evaluate how we've done our jobs educating our students.  Have we taught effectively? Do we have efficient procedures in place that enable the smoothest possible operation of the university? Are our graduates entering the workplace with everything they need to make their mark on their world?

A Shared Journey

Fast Forward QEP LogoThe QEP provides JSU an opportunity to undertake in a grand and collective way a new approach to enhancing student learning on our campus.  Other schools have explored revising general studies, writing across the curriculum, re-imagining technology in the classroom. 

The university exists to broaden the minds of students, introduce them to subjects and concepts and ideas in ways they haven't considered, and approach learning and critical thinking in new and exciting ways.  And this holds true for those of us who teach and administer students.  We are here to explore with our students;  to think and teach and operate in ways we have yet to consider.  This is a shared journey.

Accreditation is more than getting a certificate or a seal of approval.  It is an opportunity to reimagine and revise our approaches to learning and teaching.  QEP gives us the chance to do that together and in a more focused way than ever before.

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A Quality Enhancement Plan for Jacksonville State University