Parking Regulations

Effective July 6, 2020

The Jacksonville State University Police Department (JSUPD) has the authority to create and enforce the rules and regulations for the operation and parking of vehicles on campus. The responsibility of understanding the parking and traffic regulations rests with the vehicle operator. The rules are subject to enforcement 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jacksonville State University (JSU) reserves the right to remove vehicles when in violation of the Code of Alabama, Rules of the Road, ordinances of the City of Jacksonville, and parking rules and regulations of JSU. The University assumes no responsibility for damage incurred while moving vehicles. Vehicles may be booted and/or towed for unpaid parking citations and when parking privileges have been revoked.

JSUPD reserves the right to deny, with cause, any person the privilege of operating or parking a vehicle on JSU property as determined by the Director of Public Safety. JSU also assumes “no responsibility” for any damage when vehicles are parked on JSU Property.

Rules and principles of parking regulations for JSU:

  1. All faculty, staff, students, visitors, and contract employees parking vehicles on JSU property must obtain a JSUPD issued parking decal. The decal must be displayed with its adhesive on the lower corner of the inside of the passenger side of the windshield. The most current decal supersedes any prior decal.
  2. Any person visiting JSU for one day may come to JSUPD at Salls Hall to obtain a visitor pass. Building managers may also issue day passes.
  3. In the event of a mechanical issue, a person driving a different vehicle without a decal must obtain a temporary pass (at no charge) for the zone they park in at JSUPD. This temporary pass can be valid for up to 14 days.
  4. Operators must park their vehicle in a designated parking zone. A parking space is defined by two lines or a set of lines, or any other method used for general parking. Any student parked in the Faculty/Staff RED zone, at yellow curbs, reserved parking designated by a sign, white curb, where obstructing traffic of any kind (pedestrian, emergency, or vehicle), or any other area dictated by existing State law or JSU regulations will be subject to a parking citation, boot, or the vehicle being towed at the operator’s expense.
  5. Persons loaning their vehicles to others are responsible for citations issued to the vehicle.
  6. In the event of mechanical failure, the operator is responsible for the vehicle’s removal as services are available. JSUPD should be advised of the vehicle’s location. Any vehicle blocking any type of emergency service will need to be removed immediately. Such vehicles are subject to tow at the owner’s expense.
  7. All signs and regulations governing the use of motor vehicles must always be observed.
  8. All decals will expire on September 1st (Ex. Decal # 2021S00001 will expire on September 1st, 2021).
  9. Students who reside at “The Pointe” must have a JSUPD issued parking decal. They must also have a decal issued by Housing specifying that they are residents of The Pointe.              

Below are instructions and information for registration and obtaining decals and visitor passes. When registering, pay close attention to the decal type you choose (Faculty/Staff, Student, or Visitor). Those with a J-Tag must choose the option. (State of Alabama issued Jacksonville State University license plate) Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 non-reversible charge.

I.  Registration

  1. Faculty, staff, and students must register for a decal on your MyJSU account. Non-JSU personnel without a MyJSU account must purchase a decal with the Office of Student Accounts at 245 Angle Hall. Then register for the decal at JSUPD with a receipt of payment from the Office of Student Accounts.
  2. All Parking decals cost $50.00 per vehicle unless you have a J-Tag as described.  Any person with a J-Tag will receive (1) complimentary decal at no cost to the operator. Any J-Tag registration of a vehicle without a J-Tag will result in a cancellation of the decal registration.
  3. Purchasing a decal for any person other than the approved listed in Section 1 is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to having their vehicles towed from JSU Property. Faculty are not allowed to purchase decals for graduate assistants, student workers, or other students.
  4. JSU decals are NOT transferable to any other person. Swapping decals will result in the decal being revoked and/or parking privileges suspended/revoked.
  5. Any decal that is lost/destroyed cannot be replaced. You must go through the registration process to obtain a new decal. The cost will still be $50.00. If you obtain a new vehicle and can carefully remove the decal from the old vehicle, we can transfer the decal to the new vehicle. You will need to come by JSUPD or call at 256-782-5566. If you do not let parking enforcement know the decal has been transferred, that vehicle is subject to a parking citation.
  6. Payment for a standard decal:
    a. Payment for a Student decal is billed to the student’s account.
    b. Payment for a Faculty/Staff decal is billed through payroll deduction
    c.  Visitor decal payments are made at the Office of Student Accounts at 245 Angle Hall.

 II.    Obtaining a decal

  1. Any standard decal purchased by Faculty, Staff, or Students will receive their decal in the mail to the address entered during the registration process. Allow up to 21 days for the decal to be mailed out.
  2. Any student registering for a J-Tag will come by JSUPD and pick up their decal. When coming in to pick up the decal, you must have the state tag receipt and driver’s license to prove you are operating a vehicle with a J-Tag. Before you can obtain the decal, you are still responsible for ordering it from your MyJSU account. Faculty/Staff JSU Tag decals may be picked up in person from JSUPD at Salls Hall. Faculty and staff may choose to have the decal mailed through JSU campus mail. Persons wishing to receive it through campus mail must email Parking at:, attach an image of the tag receipt, along with the name, department, office, and mailing address information. Mail outs will be sent as quickly as possible. 

III.   Motorcycle and Bicycle decal

  1. A Motorcycle decal may be purchased for any operator defined (Faculty/Staff, Student, Visitor) in the registration section.
  2. Operators must purchase a decal in the same manner as a standard license plate at the cost of $50.00. Operators will receive a decal in the mail and bring it to JSUPD to trade out for a dog tag. The dog tag will be affixed to one of the license plate mounting screws for easy display.
  3. Operators will park in their normal zone (Students cannot park in a faculty/staff zone, or other designated, or reserved space) and in a legal parking spot. 
  4. A Motorcycle decal will remain valid for as long as the operator owns the vehicle.
  5. A Bicycle decal may be obtained for any operator defined in the registration section at no cost to the operator.
  6. There is a link on the MyJSU account and instructions for registering the bicycle.
  7. Once you have registered the bicycle, you will need to come to JSUPD to receive the decal.
  8. JSUPD encourages all Students, Faculty, and Staff to register and obtain a bicycle decal for any that are brought and parked on JSU property. This will assist in identifying any lost/stolen bicycle and help to identify the owner.

IV.  Rules for accessible (handicap) parking

  1. Any person on JSU property with an accessible pass (State issued hangtag or license plate) must obtain a JSU accessible pass at JSUPD.
  2. Using an accessible pass that is not in your name is strictly prohibited.
  3. Faculty, staff, students, and non-JSU personnel applying for an accessible pass must have written documentation from a physician or the state-issued accessible tag in the operator’s name. Upon proof of the need for the JSU accessible pass, you will be issued a hangtag. Place the hangtag on the rear-view mirror of your vehicle, visibly displayed when parking on JSU property.
  4. Permanent accessible passes will expire once the JSU decal for the year expires, and a new one will need to be obtained for the next year.
  5. Temporary accessible passes will expire once the notice from a physician expires.

V.  Parking citations

  1. Parking citations are issued to any operator who fails to obey the regulations that are in effect. Some citations are defined by the type of decal you obtain, and the zone(s) you park. Below are the citation types and the definition for each.
    1. Parking in the wrong zone ($25.00) - Any person who parks in a zone that is not the one they are registered to park in. (i.e., Students who park in a Faculty/Staff zone identified by the RED lines or gold signs in the parking area may receive a parking citation for this offense).
    2. No parking permit displayed ($25.00) - Any person parking on JSU property without a JSUPD issued decal will receive a citation for this offense.
    3. Improper parking ($25.00) - Parking on sidewalks, grassy areas, crosswalks, loading zones, or any area not defined as a parking space may lead to a citation for this offense.
    4. Obstructing traffic ($45.00) - Any vehicle parked where regular traffic flow is hindered, traffic of an emergency vehicle is restricted, or blocking a dumpster may receive a citation.
    5. Overtime parking ($25.00) - Any vehicle parked over the displayed limit at a timed sign, such as the ones for 15-minute at the TMB or the 30-minute parking at Angle Hall, may receive a citation for this offense.
    6. Improper decal display ($15.00) - Any vehicle that has a decal permanently displayed with its adhesive anywhere other than the lower corner on the inside of the passenger side of the windshield may receive a citation for this offense. 
    7. Boot immobilizer ($25.00) - A vehicle that has accumulated three unpaid citations without a decal will receive their 4th citation for no parking permit displayed. Then the vehicle will have a boot applied to the driver’s side front tire and have this citation applied for a total of 5 citations. The boot will be removed once the operator has come by JSUPD to register the booted vehicle for a decal. A boot Immobilizer will also be applied to an operator’s vehicle with the second HDC citation. The vehicle will have it removed once the individual has signed a waiver understanding the consequences of a third HDC citation. Any other reason that the Director of Public Safety deems a boot immobilizer necessary, it can be applied to a vehicle, with reason. Violators will have (48) hours to have JSUPD remove the boot immobilizer. If the vehicle owner fails to have it removed within the allotted time, the vehicle is subject to being towed at the operator’s expense.
    8. Yellow curb ($25.00) - Parking on a yellow curb is not allowed anytime. In some instances, the vehicle may be subject to being towed. Vehicles involved in an accident on a yellow curb are subject to being listed as a contributing factor in accident reports.
    9. No parking ($25.00) - Parked in an area not defined as a parking space/area (No parking space lines).
    10. Reserved parking 1st offense ($100.00) - Parked in an area defined for a specific group that does not apply to an operator.
    11. Admissions Guest Parking ($100.00)
    12. Visitor Parking ($25.00)
    13. Mail Center ($100.00)
    14. Computer Center ($100.00)
    15. Housing Staff Parking ($100.00)
    16. President’s Parking ($100.00)
    17. Campus Tour Parking ($100.00)
      1. Reserved parking 2nd offense ($200.00) - Parked in an area defined for a specific group that does not apply to an operator, listed above, for reserved parking a second time.
      2. Reserved parking 3rd offense ($300.00) - Parked in an area defined for a specific group that does not apply to an operator, listed above, for reserved parking a third time.
      3. Accessible HDC parking 1st offense ($100.00) - Parked in an accessible parking spot without the proper credentials, as listed in the Rules for Accessible Parking.
      4. Accessible HDC parking 2nd offense + boot ($200.00) - Parked in an accessible parking spot without the proper credentials a second time, as listed in the Rules for Accessible Parking. The vehicle will be booted until the operator signs a waiver stating the vehicle will be towed on the next offense.
      5. Accessible HDC parking 3rd offense + tow ($300.00) - Parked in an accessible parking spot without the proper credentials a third time, as listed in the Rules for Accessible Parking. The vehicle will be towed at the operator’s expense.
  2. Vehicles may be cited for the same offense within 24 hours if multiple violations are committed for the same offense.

     3. Upon accumulating outstanding parking citations, concealing the identity of a vehicle, and/or parking illegally, vehicles may be booted and towed. Severe or excessive parking violations 
         may result in having parking privileges suspended or revoked.

  VI.  Traffic Violations

  1. JSUPD has jurisdiction to enforce Alabama Traffic Rules and Regulations on and off-campus.
  2. JSUPD can issue an Alabama Uniform Traffic Citation(UTC) instead of or in conjunction with a JSUPD parking citation(s). A UTC is processed by the Jacksonville Municipal Court or the Calhoun County District Court. JSUPD also has the option of issuing an on-campus traffic citation on JSU property. These on-campus citations will be processed through the appropriate appeals court if requested.
    1.  Speeding ($50.00) - The campus speed limit is 20mph. All laws apply on campus.
    2.  One-way street ($50.00) - Trustee Circle and University Circle are a one-way street.
    3.  Failure to yield right of way ($50.00) - All vehicles, even those facing green lights, must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within the intersection or an adjacent 
    4.  Stop sign ($50.00)
    5.  Improper turn ($50.00)
    6.  Noise violation ($50.00) - A driver commits a noise violation when a stereo/audible device can be heard from a distance greater than 30 feet.
    7.  Seat belt ($10.00)

 VII.  Appeals Court

  1. Faculty, staff, students, and non-JSU personnel have the right to appeal a parking citation. Those appealing citations can complete the online appeals form. Appeal applications will be sent to the appropriate appeals board for review and resolution.
  2. Parking appeals must be submitted online for each citation received within five (5) days of the date on the citation by logging in to MyJSU account and clicking on the decal tab. On the next page, there will be an appeals link. To ensure all appeals are processed correctly, information must be accurately presented. Once your appeal has been processed, you will be contacted via e-mail. Dispositions from the parking Appeals Officer are final and binding.

 VIII.  Accidents

  1. When a traffic accident occurs on JSU property, the accident should be reported to JSUPD immediately or as soon as possible. Vehicles should not be moved until the investigating officer instructs the driver to do so.
  2. Reports may be obtained at JSUPD on Monday through Friday during regular business hours, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Accident reports are available for pick up after the 3rd business day.
  3. Alabama state law requires that all vehicles be insured with at least liability coverage.

 IX.   Definitions

  1. Motor vehicle - Every self-propelled vehicle, having two or more wheels.
  2. Parked vehicle - Any Vehicle, occupied or unoccupied, utilizing a parking space or illegally stopped on the roadway.
  3. No parking zone - A space or location not designated for parking.
  4. Student - Any person registered at JSU for at least one (1) credit hour.
  5. Faculty, staff, and non-JSU personnel - Any person employed by or contracted for JSU as defined by the Human Resources Department. Such individuals may be full-time, part-time, or contract employees. (Student workers or graduate assistants do not qualify for Faculty/Staff privileges)
  6. University property - All property owned or managed by JSU to include all parking spaces. This includes any JSU residence halls, apartments, and academic buildings, or any other properties defined by JSU. Any vehicle operator on JSU property must have a JSUPD issued decal.
  7. Student parking zone - Any legal parking spot on JSU property that has 2 WHITE striped lines, and no other signs defining it as a reserved parking spot. White striped parking spots may be used by any JSU student with a JSUPD issued “Student” decal.
  8. Faculty/Staff parking zone - Any legal parking spot on JSU property that has RED striped lines, and/or a gold zone sign. Red striped parking spots and/or gold zones may be used for any operator with a JSUPD issued “Faculty/Staff” decal.
  9. HDC accessible (Handicap) parking zone - Any parking spot that has a BLUE striped spot and/or a sign defining it as an accessible spot. The parking spot will typically have the logo on the spot for accessible parking. See associated fines that apply to this location.
  10. Visitor parking decal - A decal defined by a blue color may be obtained for any non-JSU personnel that does not have a MyJSU account. Sodexo employees will register for this decal and will be given privileges to park in any legal non-accessible or non-reserved parking spot.
  11. Student parking decal - A decal defined by a silver color may be used by any person defined as a “Student.”
  12. Faculty/Staff parking decal - A decal defined by a red color may be used by any person defined as “Faculty/Staff.”
  13. Reserved parking - Any parking space reserved for a person or group parking. Reserved parking spaces will have a sign designating it as reserved.
   ** View the JSU Parking Map  

If you have any questions about the parking rules and regulations of Jacksonville State University, please contact Parking Enforcement at 256-782-5566 or by e-mail at