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Student Documents

Practicum Clinical Document

The student and preceptor should review and sign the Practicum Clinical Document. The Practicum Clinical Document confirms the preceptor’s agreement to serve as a preceptor for the senior nursing student during the current semester. The document provides professional and contact information for the preceptor. If indicated, the document validates that the ADN preceptor has adequate nursing experience and critical thinking skills to provide a meaningful clinical experience.

Skills Assessment Sheet

The student and preceptor should review the Skills Assessment Sheet. The Skills Assessment Sheet provides the preceptor a customized list outlining areas of competency and areas in which additional experience is needed.

Faculty/Student Contact Information Sheet

The student and preceptor should review the Faculty and Student Contact Information Sheet. The Faculty and Student Contact Information Sheet provide contact information for the student, faculty, and JSU College of Health Professions and Wellness Dean. The preceptor is encouraged to call course faculty or administration at any time for questions or concerns.

Evaluation Documents

Clinical Time Log

The Clinical Time Log provides space for documentation of daily feedback and validation of clinical hours completed.

Preceptor's Evaluation of Course

The preceptor is asked to complete a course evaluation at the end of the practicum. This feedback will be used by faculty to implement ongoing improvements in the course. The evaluation is available online at or a written copy can be completed and returned by the student.

Preceptor's Evaluation of Student

A formal evaluation of the student’s performance should be done at mid-term and at the completion of the practicum.