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Please provide Mary Bevis with your opinions by using the following online form or by sending comments through email, Contact Mary Bevis, Serials and Acquisitions Librarian for more information.

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(*) Database Content: appropriateness of the content for your library users, content (bibliographic/full text coverage of full text), adequacy of coverage (retrospective, current) and its value to the State as a whole or to NAAL as a whole.

(*) Interface: functionality of the interface, ease of use, will users find access intuitive or will they need a lot of instruction and support to retrieve information effectively, are there any crucial features missing that you think should be included (especially features that are routinely offered by other vendors)?

(*) Accessibility: Is the database accessible (omitting our own Internet or local network glitches)? Is response time adequate?

(*) Subscription Recommendation: (Please mark your recommendation regarding this database. You may participate even if it is outside of your subject area.)

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