Capstone Presentations

Examples of Capstone Presentations

For all Graduate Physical Education programs, a capstone project/presentation will serve as the comprehensive exam. Educational Specialists will complete this in the EFD 691 and 692 courses. Master's Students will complete this in the HPE 590 course. The comprehensive exam consists of an oral presentation/defense of the paper submitted in EFD 692 or HPE 590.  A student must earn a passing grade on the comprehensive exam to graduate.  If a student receives a failing score on the comprehensive exam, he or she may attempt the comprehensive exam in the next semester.

Review of Literature

Homework in PE:  Paper (PDF), Presentation (video), PowerPoint

Action Research Project

Mandatory Fitness Testing in a PETE Program: Paper (PDF), Presentation (video), PowerPoint

Influence of written resources on physical educators' interactions with special needs students: video