QEP iPad Initiative

Important Dates

Sept 9-10 iPad Distribution Orientation
Dec 14 iPad due by end of business
Dec 16 Final Day to return iPad (fee waived)
Jan 13-15 Distribution Orientation
Apr 25 iPad due by end of business
May 2 Final day to return iPad (fee waived)

iPad Deployment FAQ

"How do I unlock my iPad?"
You can complete the Locked Device Reset Form.

"What happens if I damage my iPad?"
If an iPad becomes damaged, the student's account will be charged $250 for a replacement device.   
"What happens if I lose my iPad?"
Your account will be charged $654. This is the total cost of the iPad, case, wall adapter, and lightning cable.  
"Will I be responsible for purchasing content (App, Music, Movie, In-App Purchase) for my iPad?"
Yes. It will be the student’s sole responsibility to purchase any content for the iPad. NOTE: Any content purchased with your personal Apple ID will remain attached to this Apple ID. You will not lose this content after your iPad is checked in.   
"What do I do if I need help and the Help Desk is closed?"
The Technology Support Center will have a flexible schedule and will be open a majority of the day and evening.  
"What happens if I drop the class? Will I need to check in the iPad?"
As soon as you have dropped the course, return your iPad to the Technology Support Center.   
"Can I use a different case instead of the one provided by JSU?"
No. As a part of your agreement to this study, you will be required to keep the provided case on the iPad at all times.

iPad Troubleshooting Tips

Let’s discuss some basic troubleshooting tips that will help you keep your iPad up and running.

First, simply powering your iPad off and then on again will fix a majority of issues including apps crashing and the iPad running slow.

If you are having an issue with a particular app, you may want to try and restart the app. To do this, double-click the Home Button. You will see all apps that are currently running. Swipe the app up to close the app. If you iPad is still having issues, try hard resetting the iPad by holding both the ON/OFF switch and the Home Button at the same time until the iPad restarts and you see the Apple logo.

Finally, if you are having an issue with a particular app, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app. Press and hold on the app until it starts to shake. Tap on the "X" in the upper left corner of the app to delete the app. Navigate to the app store and download the app. Note that if the app is not connected to a cloud service then any app data will be deleted.

If you have tried these four troubleshooting options and your iPad is still not working properly, you will need to bring your iPad into the Technology Support Center located on the 9th floor of the Houston Cole Library.

The Technology Support Center is equipped to handle hardware and software issues that may arise on your iPad. The Technology Support Center is open Monday-Friday from 8AM - 4:30PM.