Graduate Transfer Credit Request

Complete a separate transfer credit request form for each different institution you are requesting transfer credit. 

You must contact the institutions listed and request that official transcripts be forwarded to Graduate Studies at JSU. Students will need to email the course syllabi for the courses(s) listed on your Transfer Credit Request form. Please email course syllabi to Graduate Certification,
The number of semester hours of graduate credit that may be transferred from a regionally accredited institution to JSU toward a graduate degree program is limited to the following maximums: 

    Zero (0) hours toward a graduate certificate of fewer than 30 semester hours;
    Six (6) hours toward a 30 semester hour program, except for the MA in Integrated Studies;
    Nine (9) hours toward a 33 semester hour program;
    Twelve (12) hours toward a 36 or more semester hour program;    
    Eighteen (18) hours toward the MA in Integrated Studies.

Graduate courses with grades of A, B, P, and S may be considered for transfer to JSU. Grades of C or below are not eligible for transfer. All graduate courses transferred from another institution must comply with the six year time limit.