Giving Priorities

The Randy Owen Center for the Performing Arts (the ROC)

The ROC will be a place where the community can come together.  It will be a place that will play host to a myriad of diverse engagement events focused on the performing arts, education, and programs for the youth of Alabama. 

With a 1000-seat auditorium, a recording studio and music production rooms, indoor rehearing space for the Marching Southerners, the largest college marching band in the nation, and other educational spaces, the ROC will shine at JSU.  It is an important place that will make JSU the center for the performing arts for our region.

To learn more or to make a donation, please visit the ROC website.


Scholarships open the door to possibilities for students at JSU.  Scholarships allow students to stand on the shoulders of the university to be able to reach their dreams.  Giving to scholarships solidifies the leaders of tomorrow. 

There are two types of scholarships: endowed scholarships and annual scholarships.  They work like this:

  • Endowed Scholarships – Endowed scholarships live on in perpetuity.  At JSU, endowed scholarships start at $25,000, which can be paid all at once, or by making a pledge to pay that amount over a five-year period.  A set amount of earnings is paid out each year to the scholarship recipient, leaving the original amount untouched so that it can continue to produce earnings. 
  • Annual Scholarships – Annual scholarships are awarded each year donations are made to the scholarship.  The amount donated can be the amount awarded.  If no donation is made for a particular year, the scholarship will not be awarded.  Annual scholarships can be named beginning at $2,500.
  • JSU Endowed Scholarship Fund – Donations made to the JSU Endowed Scholarship Fund help sustain an endowed scholarship fund used to make sure students are able to finish their degree. These funds help students that may not otherwise be able to finish their degree due to financial hardships. The funds are awarded based on financial need.

For more information on setting up a scholarship, please call the University Philanthropy Office at 256-782-5605 or email Kelli Holmes at

Loring and Debbie White Jax State Football Complex

A major shift was announced in late 2021. JSU athletics will be transitioning from the ASUN conference and joining Conference USA (C-USA). While most JSU sports have already been competing in Division I sports, this move will have a huge impact on football. While expenses will increase for all sports, football will be impacted most. One of the largest projects involves the football complex, including the team meeting rooms, locker room, new suites, and offices. This opportunity opens up many doors and will increase the visibility of the university. Donations to the Jax State Football Complex will go far in keeping JSU competitive. We are excited and look forward to our new facilities. To find out more about athletic needs and priorities, please contact University Development at 256-782-5605.