JSU Foundation Board

Founded in 1978, the JSU Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation governed by a Board of Directors. With total assets now at more than $92 million, the Foundation encourages private support from alumni, friends, corporations, businesses, and other foundations. The majority of these funds are invested in permanent endowments that benefit various colleges and departments across the University.

JSU Foundation's Board of Directors boasts prominent alumni and accomplished business leaders hailing from Alabama and across the United States. This esteemed board is entrusted with the judicious management and allocation of the Foundation's assets, in addition to spearheading fundraising initiatives through diverse programs.

Each board member has demonstrated a personal commitment to the University's sustained growth and prosperity, contributing to its ongoing advancement.

JSU Foundation Board

Voting Directors

Mr. Marcus E. Angle
Mr. Louis A. Bass
Mrs. Nancy L. Chambers
Dr. Ronnie J. Clayton
Mrs. Sheri C. Harbison
Mr. Donald Hedden
Mr. Larry C. Jackson
Dr. Gary O. Lewis
Mr. Gregory B. Morrow
Mrs. Cheryl B. Orange
Mrs. Susan A. Pinkard
Mr. Eric J. Powell
Mrs. Vickie L. Saxon
Mr. Terry Smiley
Dr. John E. Sneed **
Dr. Gregory E. Sumner
Dr. Lewis G. Sumner
Mr. John T. Thomas
Mr. Braxton E. Wade
Mrs. Cynthia M. Watson
Mr. Phil Webb
Mr. William J. Webb
Mr. Kenneth Wright


Ex-Officio Directors (Non-Voting)

Dr. Don Killingsworth, JSU President
Mr. Ken Howell, Treasurer
Mr. Tim Garner, JSU Chief Marketing Officer
Dr. Alan Medders, Interim Executive Director
Ms. Tierra Thatch, JSU SGA

Emeritus Directors (Non-Voting)

Mr. Bob Kennamer
Mr. Floyd Kirby
Mr. Charles Leesburg
Mr. John Mann
Mr. Don Martin
Mr. Ted Propes
Mr. Charlie Robinson
Mr. Bill Stone (deceased)
Mr. James Storey
Mr. Malcolm Street, Sr. (deceased)
Mr. Roger Whitaker
Mr. Millard Young (deceased)

**Denotes Faculty Director