Raymond and Ruth Ringer Faculty Development Award

The Raymond and Ruth Ringer Faculty Development Award, established in the Spring of 2008, is a faculty administered program designed to honor a faculty member who is actively engaged in exceptional scholarly research or professional development, and who would benefit from a monetary award for professional development or travel expenses. The person selected for this honor will receive an honorarium of $1000 and a framed certificate recognizing this accomplishment.

All full-time teaching faculty are eligible. Nominations by self, students, colleagues, department heads, or other individuals aware of the significance of the participant's research or professional development are encouraged.

Only individuals actively engaged in scholarly research projects or professional development activities will be considered for this award. The significance of the individual's research or professional development should be exemplified by letters of recommendation or other supporting documentation highlighting the following areas:

Evidence of exceptional research or professional development that benefit JSU students and the university will be considered. Innovative research in any areas that advance the mission of Jacksonville State University will be heavily considered.

Evidence of an outstanding track record of research activities and/or professional development that has benefited the goals of the individual's department, our students, and the university.

2021 Sayyed Shah

Dr. Sayyed Shah

Assistant Professor of Communication

2020 Benjie Blair

Dr. Benjie Blair

Professor of Biology

2019 Laura Walker

Dr. Laura Walker

Associate Professor of Nursing

2018 james woodward

Dr. James Woodward

Associate Professor of Music

2017 lori hill

Dr. Lori Hill

Assistant Professor of Nursing

2016 robert carter

Dr. Robert Carter

Professor of Biology

2015 manabu

Dr. Manabu Saeki

Associate Professor of Political Science/Public Administration

2014 aaron garrett

Dr. Aaron Garrett

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

2013 rob landry

Dr. Rob Landry

Associate Professor of Finance, Economics, and Accounting

2012 jeremy benson 1

Dr. Jeremy Benson

Assistant Professor of Music

2011 nixon

Dr. Nixon Mwebi

Associate Professor of Physical and Earth Sciences

2010 betsy

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge

Instructor of Nursing