Music - General Music (Bachelor of Arts)

Guitarist singing with musicians in studio

Intended for students seeking a traditional liberal arts degree with a major in music, the general music concentration requires a non-music minor area as well as a foreign language. Students are immersed in music within a broad context. The curriculum is complemented with electives which allow the student to choose an area he/she desires to pursue in greater depth. Some students choose additional electives from music courses while others venture outside the department. This curriculum provides the solid structure of a comprehensive major field, a broad background in the liberal arts, and allows freedom to pursue individual student interests as well. Consequently, the degree allows the student to prepare for a specific career interest or for further study at the graduate level.

Potential Careers

  • Session Musician
  • Music Director
  • Studio Teacher
  • Church Musician

Median Annual Salary



*Median annual salaries are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Additional Facts