Integrated Studies (BA)

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Whether you are a student with a specific career goal that requires multidisciplinary study or someone who has decided to finish your college degree for career advancement or a change in careers, integrated studies is the major for you.  This unique program of study allows you to design your own academic program, an option not found in more traditional majors.  This multidisciplinary, individualized approach helps you set yourself apart while building skills needed for today’s job market.   This flexible major allows you to design your own curriculum and take classes on campus or online. The degree is available completely online and allows work experience to count for college credit.

Potential Careers

  • Medical Illustration—courses in art, biology, chemistry
  • Video Game Design—courses in art, English, history, computer science, music
  • Science Writing—courses in English, creative writing, biology, chemistry
  • International Business—courses in business, Spanish, marketing
  • Art Therapy—courses in art, psychology, counseling
  • Senior Living—courses in social work, music, drama, recreation, psychology, art
  • Museum Curator—courses in art, history, business, English, drama
  • International Education—courses in English, history, French, Spanish, marketing
  • Public Relations—courses in marketing, psychology, English, Spanish, drama
  • Human Resources—courses in business, gender studies, English, psychology
  • Banking—courses in math, business, English, music
  • Archaeology— courses in biology, geography, history, art, geology

Median Annual Salary

The salary range is as varied as the opportunities.

Additional Facts

  • Online Degree Available

Departmental Information

Online Program Contact

Dr. Jennie Vaughn