Sport Management - Professional Educator Certification (Master of Science)

Athletic Director at desk

This degree is for educators seeing to advance their career. A degree recipient could train coaches, trainers, and sport practitioners or serve as Athletic Directors at various levels within education. The Teacher Certification Option offers a Class A Certification for those students who possess a valid and renewable fourth-year bachelor's level teaching certificate in any area of education or a higher degree and fifth year teaching certification.

Potential Careers

  • High School Athletic Director
  • County Athletic Director
  • State Department of Education Athletic Director
  • Athletic Facility Director
  • Middle School Athletic Director

Median Annual Salary

High Athletic Director 


*Median annual salaries are from ZipRecruiter

Additional Facts

  • Only Program in Alabama that offers a Class A Teaching Certificate in Graduate Sport Management

Departmental Information

Online Program Contact

Dr. Reggie Overton
(256) 782-5517