Course Required Supplies

Our campus community continues to rely on the bookstore as a key provider for the Course Required Supplies they need to succeed. Faculty members are encouraged to let the bookstore know what supplies students need to succeed in their courses, along with their textbook adoptions.

Common Course Required Supply Categories:

  • Kits (Art, Medical, Culinary, Drafting, Welding, Robotics, HVAC, Cosmetology, etc)
  • Uniforms (Scrubs, Lab Coats, Polo Shirts, Shop Shirts, etc.)
  • Personal Protection Equipment (Gloves, Goggles, Disposable and Reusable Masks, Disposable Lab Coats, Patient Gowns, etc)
  • Calculators (Graphing, Scientific, Business & Financial)
  • Testing Supplies (Forms, Books, Loose-leaf Paper, Pencils, etc)

For information on Course Required Supply Adoptions, please contact our Textbook Manager at