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The JSU Warehouse contains a number of items your office or organization may find useful. Many of these items are gently used and still have plenty of life in them.

If your agency receives funding from the State of Alabama, you are welcome to peruse the list below and then visit our facility. Please call Asset & Property Manager Mike Steward, at 256-782-5448 to make an appointment.

Item     Description
Ink Cartridges                        HP Laser Jet 4500, 4550, 4, 4+, 4M, 4M+, 5 and 5M printers 
Drum Kit        HP Laser Jet 4500-4550 

     HP Laser Jet 5000, 5000N, 5000GN, 5100, 5100TN, 5100DTN, 2100, 2100M, 2100TN printers                        


      Desk/chair combinations (see photo)
      Wooden, four drawers, 4.5' x 32" (see photo)
      Gray metal, six drawers, 4' long (see photo)      
      Wooden, three drawers, 5.5' x 29" (see photo)

 Weight Lifting

      Olympic style, wooden, 6' x 8' - 1) with Gamecock logo 2) plain
 Work Station        50" wide x 24" deep x 57" high

      Assorted - see photos

Weight Lifting Platforms

Computer Work Station 


Desk/chair combinations

Brown wooden desk / four drawers    
      surplus item5
 Gray Metal Desk 
          Brown wooden desk / three drawers         
chairs  chairs  chairs