HVAC Replacement Beginning in Bibb Graves Hall

HVAC Replacement Beginning in Bibb Graves Hall


Work will commence on HVAC Replacement in Bibb Graves Hall during the weekend of March 2. This project could take as long as 60 days to complete and will be finished by May 1. 

During the demolition and construction phases, contractors will be in the building each day and the routines in some offices will be disrupted. Please read the following information if you work in Bibb Graves Hall.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Bibb Graves HVAC Replacement Project

February 26, 2013

Project Details:

  1. Eugene Turner Construction (General Contractor, Anniston), Millenium Mechanical Contractors (HVAC, Lincoln), Littleton Electric Service (Electrical, Oxford)
  2. Work will commence this weekend, March 2nd.  Contractor has 60 calendars to complete the project and must be completed by May 1st.
  3. Working hours:
    1. Mon-Fri:  Contractor will begin work at 7:00am and work two shifts not ending later that 10:00pm
    2. Sat-Sun: Contractor will work weekends 7:00am until planned work is completed as necessary, no later than 10:00pm
    3. Physical Plant will adjust its working schedule so that we have personnel on site at all times to match the hours of the contractor.
    4. A progress meeting with the contractor has been scheduled, weekly, 8:00am, at Duncan Maintenance Shop to review progress and scheduling.  PPD will then forward notice to building occupants detailing the next two week’s planned activities Fridays no later than 2:00pm.  Individually affected tenants will be visited by PPD personnel reviewing specifics.
      1. Overall estimated schedule attached.
      2. First two week schedule to come out this Friday, March 1st.
      3. General Scope of Work:
        1. All existing air handlers, ductwork, piping, etc. will be removed from the facility.
        2. All hallway ceilings and some office area ceilings will be completely removed and replaced.
        3. Approximately 50 local Mitsubishi units will be positioned throughout the entire facility above ceilings in the hallways, some offices, and in the attic.  These units will allow for heating or cooling within each of the 50 zones.  Not every office suite will have its own zone, but most will.

What you can do to help:

  1. Remove any items of personal value from the office for the duration of the project.  This will remove all doubt, and it is only two months.  Pictures, relics, rugs, etc.
  2. If work is to be completed in your area, you will be notified at least one week prior.  An overall project schedule will be provided, but please remember that construction can be complicated and changes must be made.
    1. If work is minimal/non-evasive, you may be able to remain and the choice will be yours.
    2. If the work is substantial, the duration will be communicated and you will need to relocate temporarily.  These areas will have a telephone, Wi-Fi access, and a desktop computer or two available.  These rooms may have activities scheduled and alternate locations may need to be reserved.

                                               i.     3rd floor computer lab.

                                             ii.     We have coordinated with Library personnel for the use of 1102 (Board of Trustee Meeting Room).

  1. As a general recommendation, I would attempt to relocate meetings and limit activities as much as possible.  The less outside traffic required inside the facility the better.
  2. Keep your daily personal belongs out of plain sight: purses, cell phones, wallets, etc.  Of course, this comment should always apply.
  3. We have been very clear with the contractor in regards to appropriate attire, language, cleanliness, and interaction with students & staff (actually none here unless there are safety issues).  We would also like to request the same cooperation from our JSU family.  Please allow these workers to work and be efficient and productive.  If you encounter an issue or would like to report questionable conduct, contact Billy Trussell, David Thompson, or George Lord immediately.  We can be reached at 782-5451.  We ask that you not have direct contact with any workers without our presence.
  4. PPD realizes that there are several areas within Bibb Graves Hall that even we do not have access.  If and when these areas are to be renovated, we will communicate with the tenants and make appropriate plans which could even include the presence of UPD officers.
  5. PPD will have plastic available so that all items within an office can be covered if work dictates.