Blackboard Connect Test Will Be Conducted on September 19

Blackboard Connect Test Will Be Conducted on September 19


Jacksonville State University utilizes Blackboard Connect as the official Emergency Alert System. Blackboard Connect is capable of sending thousands of messages within minutes by emailing, text messaging, phone calls, and social media. The system will only be used when there is a severe threat to public safety and when immediate action is required.

With new upgrades, Blackboard Connect now allows users to personalize preferences for receiving messages. You can define your preferences for receiving emergency and outreach notifications, and even define which methods should be used to deliver each type of message to you - SMS, phone, email (JSU or non-JSU), or any combination that you choose.

The JSU Emergency Alert System phone number reflected on your caller I.D. will be still be 256-782-8558. Program this number into your phone so you will immediately recognize it as coming from JSU Emergency Alert System.

To change your preferences for receiving notifications from JSU, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Click the Sign Me Up link, and enter your Name, JSU Email Address, and choose a Password.
  2. After you click Continue, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete sign-up.
  3. Click on Edit My Contact Information. From here you can add or edit the phone numbers and email addresses that are best for contacting you, as well as choose whether you want to receive voice calls or text messages for each phone number.
  4. Select any JSU Groups you would like to receive Notifications from by making selections under the Subscriptions tab (JSU Alert is for emergency communications)

For more detailed instructions on how to edit your contact information and subscriptions, please see

A test of Blackboard Connect will be conducted on September 19, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. Please expect to receive a test message at this time. If you did not receive the test message, and would like to, please contact Kerri Reese at 256.782.8528 or