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Teaching Interests

Ardie Dial


JD 1984 - Howard University School of Law

- Law

- Diversity in Workplace

Dr. Paul L. Hathaway


D.A 2008-  Idaho State University

- Public Policy

- Leadership & Ethics

- Bureaucratic Psychology

Dr. Dan Krejci


Ph.D 2003 - Texas Tech University

-Public Management
-Public Policy
-Leadership and Ethics
-State and Local Governments

-Diversity in the Workplace

Dr. Bill Lester


Ph.D 2000 - Texas Tech University -Public Personnel
-Disaster Response
-Organizational Theory

Dr. Manabu Saeki


Ph.D 2002 - University of New Orleans -Public Finance
-Policy Process
-Research Design & Methodology
-Women in Politics-Female Elites

Concentration Advisors


Contact Information

Administrative Management
Criminal Justice
Emergency Management
Environmental Science
Geographical Information Systems
Political Science