Procedure for Appealing Ineligibility

The following appeal procedures are available for students who have been declared ineligible to continue as a graduate student due to failure to maintain the cumulative graduate grade-point average required for their program/certificate program. 

  1. The graduate student must submit a written request for readmission to the Director of Graduate Studies.  The written request should address the reasons why it would receive favorable action. 
  2. Upon receipt of the written request, the Director of Graduate Studies will notify the student of the date, time, and location of the Appeals Committee meeting. 
  3. The Appeals Committee will be appointed by the Director of Graduate Studies and will be composed of members from the graduate faculty.  The Committee will be chaired by the Director of Graduate Studies. 
  4. The Committee will be provided with the available documents, including the student’s written request for appeal and the student’s undergraduate and graduate course history. 
  5. The student will be afforded the opportunity to attend the Appeals Committee meeting and to provide additional relevant information in support of the student’s request for readmission.  This is an administrative hearing and is limited to the committee members, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the student. 
  6. The student will be notified by the Director of Graduate Studies, in writing, of the recommendation made by the Appeals Committee, within fourteen (14) working days from the date of the meeting with the Appeals Committee.