Student Internships

All communication seniors are required to participate in one 250-hour internship (COM 491 - 3 unit hours). Students apply the semester prior to their anticipated internship, and must receive approval from the Internship Coordinator to participate. The internship may be completed during fall, spring or marathon summer sessions. The following internship policy dictates the minimum requirements (pre-reqs), officially listed in the 2017-2018 JSU Catalog:

  1. Broadcasting students must have COM 200, 205, 301, 302, and 404.
  2. Digital Journalism students must have COM 200, 315, 325, and 404.
  3. Public Relations students must have COM 200, 315, 325, 330, and 340.

Latest Jobs/Internship Opportunities

The benefits of an internship are numerous. Students gain actual hands-on experience in a media-related organization, and learn the importance of networking. Students will research the area of desired placement, and the Internship Coordinator will assist with the placement at a media facility.

For more information, contact Dr. Jason Peterson, Internship Coordinator, at (256) 782-5389.