Faculty and Staff

Dr. Christopher McCollough

Dr. Christopher J. McCollough

Department Head and Associate Professor

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Denise Davis

Mrs. Denise Davis

Departmental Secretary

Augustine Ihator

Dr. Augustine Ihator


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Teddi Joyce

Dr. Teddi Joyce

Associate Professor

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Dr. J. Patrick McGrail

Dr. J. Patrick McGrail

Associate Professor

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Breann Murphy

Dr. Breann Murphy

Assistant Professor

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Billy Ramsey

Mr. Billy Ramsey

Adjunct Professor

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Dottie Rimpsey

Ms. Dottie Rimpsey

Adjunct Professor

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Sayyed F.A. Shah

Dr. Sayyed F.A. Shah

Assistant Professor

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Mike Stedham

Mr. Mike Stedham

Manager of Student Media

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Ben Cunningham

Mr. Ben Cunningham


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