Chris Murdock, Ph.D.

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Lab photo - BY 114
I have two primary areas of research: (1) vertebrate endocrinology and (2) microbial biodiversity. I am particularly interested in the regulatory pathways for growth and reproduction in fish. A major project in my laboratory is assessing the endocrine signals regulating growth in fish in response to probiotic treatments. I am also working on several projects focusing on measuring microbial diversity in environmental samples, including samples from land-locked lakes in Antarctica (in collaboration with Dr. Asim Bej at UAB).
Contact Information Courses Taught
Office: 124A Martin Hall (MAH)
Telephone: 256-782-8440
BY 101 - Biology I
BY 102 - Biology II
BY 320 - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BY 322 - Genetics
BY 434 - Animal Physiology
BY 450 - Molecular Biology
BY 546 - Molecular Genetics

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