Mijitaba Hamissou, Ph.D.

Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou


I was trained as a plant anatomical physiologist investigating the role of epicuticular wax on the rate of water loss of sorghum and the anatomy of plants under aphid infestation. Currently, my research activities focus on the biochemistry and molecular biology of plants dysfunctional state. I am particularly interested in: (1) Investigating the molecular mechanisms by which plants tolerate environmental stresses. Using a wide variety of tools and techniques, I train students in plant molecular biology. To do so, we utilize Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana tobacum and Capsicum annum as model organisms. (2) Investigating the physiology of plant cells cryopreserved at sub-freezing temperatures with the hope of recovering viable of cells. (3) Investigating the molecular aspects of somatic embryogenesis in plants. (4) Investigating the medicinal and antimicrobial properties of pokeweed Phytolacca Americana and other plants.

I am also a strong student advocate with well-known experience in student advising and mentoring and the first Jacksonville State University Faculty to be named National Role Model by the 2017 Minority Access Conference in Washington D.C.

TEACHING:BY 101/102 (Sequence of Introductory Biology)

BY 373 (Cell Biology)

BY 477 (Plant cell and Tissue Culture)

BY 451 (Plant Anatomy)

BY 533 (Advance Plant Biology)


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1. Mijitaba Hamissou.2008 Edition. Plant Anatomy Laboratory Manual. Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL 36265.

2. Mijitaba Hamissou. 2018 Edition. Cell Bio

2006-2007 Jacksonville State University Outstanding Teacher Award
2007 Students Awarded Most Outstanding Teacher of the year

Contact information:

Office: 128D Martin Hall
Phone: 256-782-5040

E-mail: taba@jsu.edu