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Recent Publications

  • In Press.  Xing, LD, RT McCrea, MG Lockley, TQ Lu, ME Burns, GZ Peng, JP Zhang. 2016. A possible ankylosaurian (Thyreophora) trackway from the Lower Cretaceous Jiaguan Formation of Emei, southwest China: paleoecological implications. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin.
  • 2016        Funston, GF, PJ Currie, and ME Burns. New elmisaur specimens from Alberta, Canada, and their relationship to the Mongolian Elmisaurus rarus. Acta Paleontologica Polonica 61: 159–173.
  • 2016        Xing, LD, MG Lockley, JP Zhang, H Klein, T Wang, SB Kümmell, and ME Burns. A theropod-sauropod track assemblage from the Upper Jurassic Shedian Formation at Shuangbai, Yunnan Province, China reflecting different sizes of trackmakers: review and new observations. Palaeoworld 25: 84–94.
  • 2015        Xing, L, A Parkinson, H Ran, C Pirrone, E Roberts, J Zhang, ME Burns, T Wang, and J Choiniere. The earliest fossil evidence of bone boring by terrestrial invertebrates, examples from China and South Africa. Historical Biology DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2015.1111884.
  • 2015        Xing, L, J Zhang, H Klein, A Mayor, Y. Chen, H. Dai, ME Burns, J. Gao, Y. Tang, and S. Dong. Dinosaur tracks, myths and buildings: The Jin Ji (Golden Chicken) stones from Zizhou area, northern Shaanxi, China. Ichnos 22:227–234.
  • 2015        Xing, LD, MG Lockley MF Bonnan, D Marty, H Klein, Y Liu, J Zhang, H Kuang, ME Burns, and N. Li. Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous trackways of small-sized sauropods from China: New discoveries, ichnotaxonomy and sauropod manus morphology. Cretaceous Research 56: 470–481.
  • 2015        Xing, L, J Zhang, MG Lockley, L Alcalá, RT McCrea, LG Buckley, H Klein, ME Burns, and Q He. Hints of the early Jehol Biota: important dinosaur footprint assemblages from the Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary Tuchengzi Formation in Beijing, China. PLoS ONE 10: e0122715. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0122715.
  • 2015        Fanti, F, PJ Currie, and ME Burns. Taphonomy, age, and paleoecological implication of a new Pachyrhinosaurus (Dinosauria: Ceratopsidae) bonebed from the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Wapiti Formation of Alberta, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 52:250–260.
  • 2015        Burns, ME, and SG Lucas. Biostratigraphy of ankylosaur osteoderms from New Mexico. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 67:9–14.
  • 2015        Bradley, G, ME Burns, and PJ Currie. Missing data estimation in tyrannosaurid dinosaurs: can diameter take the place of circumference? Cretaceous Research 55: 200–209.
  • 2015        Burns, ME, TA Tumanova, and PJ Currie. Postcrania of juvenile Pinacosaurus grangeri (Ornithischia: Ankylosauria) from the Upper Cretaceous Alagteeg Formation, Alag Teeg, Mongolia: implications for ontogenetic allometry in ankylosaurs. Journal of Paleontology 89: 168–182.
  • 2015        Xing, LD, YK Wang, E Snively, JP Zhang, ZM Dong, ME Burns, and PJ Currie. Model-based identification of mechanical characteristics of Sinosaurus (Theropoda: Coelophysoidea) crest. Acta Geologica Sinica (English edition) 89:1–11.
  • 2014        Xing, L, A Paulina-Carabajal, PJ Currie, Xing Xu, Jianping Zhang, Tao Wang, ME Burns, Tao Wang, and Dong Zhiming. Braincase anatomy of the basal theropod Sinosaurus from the Early Jurassic of China. Acta Geologica Sinica 88:1653–1664.
  • 2014        Xing, LD, GZ Peng, Y Ye, MG Lockley, RT McCrea, PJ Currie, JP Zhang, and ME Burns. Large theropod trackway from the Lower Jurassic Zhenzhuchong Formation of Weiyuan County, Sichuan Province, China: Review, new observations and special preservation. Palaeoworld 23:285–293.
  • 2014        Vanderven, E, ME Burns, and PJ Currie. Histologic growth dynamic study of Edmontosaurus regalis (Dinosauria: Hadrosauridae) from a bone-bed assemblage of the Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 51:1023–1033.
  • 2014        Baert, M., ME Burns, and PJ Currie. Quantitative taphonomic analyses of Edmontosaurus regalis (Dinosauria: Hadrosauridae) postcranial elements from the Danek Bonebed, Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Implications for allometric studies of fossil organisms Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 51:1007–1016.
  • 2014        Bramble, KA, ME Burns, and PJ Currie. Enhancing bonebed mapping with GIS technology using the Danek Bonebed (Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) as a case study. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 51:987–991.
  • 2014        Burns, ME, C Coy, VM Arbour, PJ Currie, and EB Koppelhus. The Danek Edmontosaurus Bonebed: new insights on the systematics, biogeography, and palaeoecology of Late Cretaceous dinosaur communities. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 51:v–vii.
  • 2014        Bell, PR, R Sissons, ME Burns, F Fanti, and PJ Currie. New saurolophine material from the upper Campanian-lower Maastrichtian Wapiti Formation, Alberta; pp. 174–190 in Eberth, DA, and DC Evans (eds), Hadrosaurs, Indiana University Press.
  • 2014        Arbour, VM, ME Burns, RM Sullivan, SG Lucas, AK Cantrell, J Fry, and TL Suazo. A new ankylosaurid dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous (Kirtlandian) of New Mexico with implications for ankylosaurid diversity in the Upper Cretaceous of western North America. PLoS ONE 9(9): e108804. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0108804.
  • 2014        Burns, ME, and PJ Currie. External and internal structure of ankylosaur (Dinosauria; Ornithischia) osteoderms and their systematic relevance. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 34:835–851.
  • 2014        Xing, L-D, Y-Q Liu, H-W Kuang, H Klein, J-P, Zhang, ME Burns, J Chen, M-W Wang, and J Hu. Theropod and possible ornithopod track assemblages from the Jurassic–Cretaceous boundary Houcheng Formation, Shangyi, northern Hebei, China. Paleoworld 23:200–208.
  • 2014        Burns, ME, and MJ Vavrek. Probable ankylosaur ossicles from the middle Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation of northwestern Alberta, Canada. PLoS ONE 9(5): e96075. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096075.


Recent Publications

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