English Placement

EdReady English Placement:

 All new students take English EdReady and work their study paths to a score of 90 for college preparation. Students without ACT/SAT scores may use their English EdReady Initial Score for placement.

Is EdReady English Placement Required? 

While JSU is test optional for ACT/SAT requirements, all first-year and transfer students who have not been awarded the first appropriate English credit for their major should complete EdReady English. 

Please see table provided for English course eligibility by ACT/SAT subtest or EdReady English Placement scoring:

First-Year Writing Course

ACT/SAT English Subtest Score

English EdReady Initial Score

EH 105/EH 115

17 and below ACT

420 and below SAT

55 and below

EH 101

18 and above ACT

430 and above SAT

56 and above

EH 103

25 and above ACT

610 and above SAT

71 and above

  • After working the English EdReady study path to a score of 90, students who place into EH 105 and wish to move to EH 101, or students who place into EH 101 and wish to move to EH 103, may take an additional self-assessment to be considered. Please follow the directions on your English EdReady study path completion page to learn more.

Visit the First-Year Writing website for more information.