Student Registration Procedure

Go to and enter your Username and ID

Username - current e-mail without the

Password - To change or reset your password, go to and use the link Reset or Change password links.

To Register:
  • Under "Featured Links" click Registration.
  • On the Student and Financial Aid page, select Registration.
  • Select Add or Drop Classes.
  • Select upcoming term and click Submit. (Example Spring 2011)
  • If you are asked for secondary pin, it means that you have not yet been cleared to register - please see your advisor.
  • Select courses- All courses are assigned a Course Reference Number (CRN). 
    Select by department, course, type, method, level, instructor, days and times. 
    (Type - lecture, lab, online, studio, activity, etc. 
    Method - traditional, online, videoconferencing, computer assisted, etc. 
    Level - Undergraduate or Graduate) 
  • Once selection is made, click on Class Search.
  • Check the box for desired course.
  • To register, select Submit Changes or select add to worksheet and register later.
  • Once registered, the schedule will appear as "Web Registered".
  • To drop a course, in the Action drop down box, select "Web Dropped" and Submit Changes.

Troubleshooting Registration:
  • Priority Registration - Check your total hours earned to see if you are eligible to register. Have you been cleared by your advisor to register?
  • Holds - Examples of Holds are: Admissions Hold - Please contact the Admissions Office. Account Receivable Hold - Please contact the Bursar's Office.
  • Prerequisite and Test Score Error - You have not met the prerequisite(s) for this course.
  • Restrictions - You have not met the college, major, level, class, degree, or program requirements for this course.
  • Permission of Instructor, Advisor, Department Head, or Director - All students must receive permission from the instructor before entering this class. Contact the instructor.
  • Time Conflict with CRN - This class meeting time overlaps with another class' (CRN) meeting time.
  • Link Error or Co-requisite Error - This class requires another course to be added in order to register.

Other Features:
  • Week at a Glance - Provides schedule on a weekly basis.
  • Student Detail Schedule- Provides detailed information about schedule
  • Registration Fee Assessment - Provides information about fee assessment - Please check for more information.
  • Withdrawal Information - Provides information regarding withdrawal status.
  • Registration Status, Active Registration, and Registration History- Provides additional information about registration.