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20% Tuition Scholarship at JSU

As a P-12 educator, you may be eligible for a 20% tuition scholarship at JSU. Apply for free today!

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Scholarship Details

  • This scholarship is available to newly enrolling or newly returning JSU students. To qualify, students must have a "first-time" admit type. This includes students who completed an undergraduate degree at JSU and are returning as a "first-time graduate" student. This also includes former JSU students who are newly returning after having been inactive. Newly returning students are defined as former JSU students who are returning after having been inactive or after having not attended JSU for two major terms (fall/spring).
  • Verification of full-time employment as instructional or academic student support personnel will be required before the payment deadline each semester. This includes but may not be limited to the following positions: teacher, principal, curriculum director, counselor, paraprofessional, lab assistant, librarian, technology specialist, academic coach. Further clarification of job description and duties may be requested by JSU to determine eligibility.
  • Students may continue to use the scholarship in subsequent semesters until their graduation as long as they maintain their employment, continue to meet scholarship requirements, and complete the required steps at the start of each semester.
  • This scholarship is not retroactive.
  • This scholarship does not combine with any other institutional aid, special package pricing, doctoral pricing, or other tuition discounts at JSU. The only exception is the Master of Business Administration program.
  • Effective Spring 2024, students receiving Cooperating Teachers scholarship hours will be able to combine up to 3 CT hours per semester with the P-12 Educators Scholarship. Further instructions will be provided to students who qualify for both.


Please contact us at enroll@jsu.edu or call 256-782-5039

How to Apply

1. Submit the Admissions Application

You will receive waived application fees by selecting "Educator" as your business partnership.

2. Verify Your Employment

Have your board of education, HR department, or payroll department send verification of your employment to enroll@jsu.edu from their school email address. Please include the below information, and note that incomplete employment verifications may not be accepted:

1. Employee's/Student's Name
2. JSU Student ID number (if applicable). If no JSU ID has been assigned, please provide date of birth
3. Name of school or system where employed
4. Job title
5. Statement confirming full-time employment in an instructional or academic student support capacity