Jax State Welcomes Kaitlyn Letson as New SGA President


Incoming SGA President Kaitlyn Letson is sworn in by President Don C. Killingsworth, Jr.

The Jacksonville State University Student Government Association (SGA) proudly announces that Kaitlyn Letson has been sworn in as the new SGA President.

Originally from Moulton, Alabama, Letson brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her new position. Currently pursuing her master’s in public administration with a focus on Criminal Justice, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence and campus involvement.

Letson's personal journey at Jax State is a testament to her dedication and passion. Her active engagement in various organizations such as Delta Zeta, Collegiate Legislature, Freshman Forum and Lambda Sigma, showcases her multifaceted approach to campus life and her unwavering commitment to student advocacy and community service.

Before her presidency, Letson served as the SGA Vice President of Student Senate. Following the SGA Constitution, Letson's ascension to the presidency follows established protocols. As outlined, in the event of a vacancy or resignation, the Vice President of Student Senate assumes the role of SGA President. Consequently, Letson's elevation to this office reflects her personal merit and underscores the institutional framework that guides governance within the university.

Commenting on her unexpected transition to the presidency, Letson expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity to serve as a voice for all students. She stated, "Although SGA President was not the position I originally was elected to, I look forward to being a strong voice advocating for the needs and interests of the entire student body."

"Today we welcome Kaitlyn Letson into her new role as SGA President,” stated Dr. Don C. Killingsworth, Jr. University President. “Kaitlyn's dedication to student advocacy and her exemplary leadership makes her an invaluable asset to our university community. I have every confidence that she will serve with integrity and passion, representing the interests of our students with unwavering commitment.”

As Letson steps into her role as SGA President, she is steadfast in her commitment to prioritize the concerns and aspirations of students. Her dedication to fostering an inclusive and vibrant campus community reassures us of a future marked by collaboration, innovation, and meaningful progress.

Looking ahead, a temporary Vice President of Student Senate will be appointed by President Letson, with a special election scheduled for the fall semester to fill the VPSS role.