Calling All Mentors! Student Success Center Seeks Volunteers to Shape Freshman Experience


SSC1 StickerJacksonville State University's Student Success Center (SSC) is preparing for Fall 2024 with a call to action: they need more volunteers to teach SSC 101 First Year Experience. This pivotal course is not just a class, but a transformative journey for unconditionally admitted first-time freshmen. It offers vital guidance and support, setting the foundation for their collegiate success at Jax State. Your role as a volunteer instructor can make a significant difference in these students' lives. 

SSC 101, a required course, is significant for the university's newest cohort. Designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge, it's not just a class; it's a roadmap to success. However, to ensure its effectiveness, the SSC relies on the dedication and expertise of faculty and staff members who serve as instructors. 

Every week, for one hour, students gather to delve into topics crucial for their academic and personal development. The curriculum covers everything from cultivating relationships with educational and career advisors to navigating university policies, understanding campus resources, and honing behaviors conducive to college life. 

The course isn't just about lectures and assignments; it's about fostering engagement, building networks, and forging relationships. With class sizes capped at twenty students, instructors have the unique opportunity to engage with each student personally, ensuring no one gets lost in the crowd. Your presence and guidance can be a beacon of light for these students, making their transition to college life smoother and more fulfilling. 

However, to make this experience possible, the SSC needs your help. Any faculty or staff member with a master's degree or higher can teach SSC 101. For those with a bachelor's degree, eligibility is subject to review. This isn't just an opportunity to teach; it's a chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of Jax State's incoming freshmen. 

Instructor training, scheduled for August 13, 2024, ensures that volunteers are well-prepared to guide students through their first year. We understand that stepping into a new role can be daunting, but rest assured, we have your back. A comprehensive Canvas course shell streamlines the teaching process, providing instructors with all the necessary tools and resources. We are committed to your success as much as our students. 

Whether you're a seasoned educator or a staff member looking to make a difference, join the ranks of SSC 101 instructors and become a beacon of guidance for Jax State's newest Gamecocks!. Contact Courtney Peppers at to embark on this fulfilling journey of mentorship and student success.