Faculty Recognized for Outstanding Service


The 2023 Distinguished Faculty Award winners include, from left: Katelyn Walker, Dr. Allegra Smith, Dr. Mark Sciuchetti holding a photo of Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Dr. Ashley Turner and Aimee Weathers. Not pictured: Diane Chong. Photo by Austin Tillison.

by Buffy Lockette

Leone Cole Auditorium was transformed into a glitzy Vegas casino, with faculty raking in the chips, at the annual Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 6. 

Organized by JSU Faculty Commons, the themed event featured card games, an Elvis impersonator, refreshments and prizes. President Don Killingsworth even got in on the action, serving as a black jack dealer.

The following faculty were recognized for their outstanding contributions during the ceremony.


  • University Service Award: Katelyn Walker, English
  • Campus Technology Leadership Grant: Dr. Allegra Smith, English
  • Faculty Scholar Lecturer Award: Dr. Mark Sciuchetti, Chemistry and Geosciences
  • Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award: Diane Chong, Music
  • Cleo and Carla Thomas Outstanding Community Education and Service Award: Aimee Weathers, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Earlon and Betty McWhorter Outstanding Teacher Award: Dr. Ashley Turner, Biology
  • Dr. William A. Meehan Legacy Award: Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Finance, Economics and Accounting



  • Dr. Sean Chenoweth, Geography

Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Dr. Ahmad Alhammouri, Secondary Education
  • Dr. Christie Calhoun, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Dr. Christopher Douglas, English
  • Dr. Allen Gilbert, Kinesiology
  • Ed Goodwin, Respiratory Therapy
  • Dr. Benjamin Gross, Sociology & Political Science
  • Dr. Lance Ingwersen, History & Foreign Languages
  • Karlie Johnson, Library/Public Services
  • Dr. Helen Kaibara, History & Foreign Languages
  • Dr. Majid Koozehchian, Kinesiology
  • Dr. Jody Long, Social Work
  • Dr. Lori McGrath, Nursing
  • Dr. Christopher Murtagh, Criminal Justice & Forensic Invest.
  • Dr. Andrew Newton, Kinesiology
  • Dr. Mark Sciuchetti, Chemistry & Geosciences
  • Dr. Douglas Stephens, Nursing
  • Dr. Falynn Turley, Finance, Economics, Accounting
  • Dr. Chongming Wang, Emergency Management and PA


  • Chad Anderson, Art and Design
  • Dr. Dana Ingalsbe, Applied Engineering
  • Dr. Christopher McCollough, Communication
  • Sarah Miles, Art and Design
  • Dr. Lori Tolley-Jordan, Biology
  • Dr. Eliezer Yanson, Music

Doctoral Degree Recipients

  • Dr. Sean Creech, Disability Resources/Social Work
  • Dr. Rob Landry, Finance, Economics and Accounting

Fulbright Scholar

Dr. David Thornton, MCIS, who will be conducting data science research in Austria in the fall


Ten Years

  • Dr. Makenzie Bayles, Psychology
  • Dr. Michael Boynton, Theatre and Film
  • Jennifer Crosson, Kinesiology
  • Heather McDivitt, MCIS
  • Sarah Miles, Art & Design
  • Dr. Reginald Overton, Kinesiology
  • Dr. Donna Perygin, Chemistry & Geosciences
  • Dr. Christopher Probst, Music
  • Dr. Jeremy Ross, Sociology and Political Science
  • Jamie Runnells, Art & Design
  • Richard Watkins, Biology

Fifteen Years

  • Susan Dean, English
  • Dr. Douglas Gordon, Music
  • Dr. Gordon Harvey, History & Foreign Languages
  • Dr. Paul Hathaway, Public Administration
  • Allison McElroy, Art & Design
  • Dr. J. Patrick McGrail, Communication
  • Dr. Laura Walker, Nursing

Twenty Years

  • Dr. Timothy Barnett, Political Science
  • Dr. Wendy Freeland, Music
  • Dr. Brent Helms, Chemistry & Geosciences
  • Bethany Latham, Library Services
  • Dr. Nathan Wight, Music

Twenty-five Years

  • Dr. Shawn Carter, Finance, Economics, Accounting
  • Dr. Jess Godbey, Applied Engineering
  • Dr. Jerry Kiser, Counseling & Instructional Support
  • Dr. Tom Leathrum, MCIS
  • Dr. Keith Lowe, Finance, Economics, Accounting
  • Dr. James Rayburn, Biology
  • Kimberly Stevens, Library Services
  • Dr. Shelia Webb, Counseling & Instructional Support
  • Kim Whorton, Social Work

Thirty Years

  • Dr. Russ Lemmons, History & Foreign Languages

Thirty-Five Years

  • Freddy Clements, Theatre & Film


  • Lisa Williams, Academic Affairs
  • Freddy Clements, Theatre & Film
  • Dr. Windon Edge, Respiratory Therapy
  • Dr. Douglas Gordon, Music
  • Antoinette Hudson, History & Foreign Languages
  • Dr. Bill Lester, Emergency Management & Public Administration
  • Dr. Tony Logsdon, Music
  • Stan Newton, Management & Marketing