Kiwibot Ready to Deliver Happiness at JSU


Dex the Kiwibot will start delivering food from campus eateries on the first day of the fall semester.

As students return to JSU's campus on Aug. 24 for the start of the fall semester, a team of adorable, pint-sized robots will be reporting for duty, hoping to make their day a little brighter. 

JSU is the first campus in Alabama to host Kiwibot, a robotic sidewalk delivery system. Partnering with the university's food service vendor, Sodexo, Kiwibot will deliver food from most on-campus dining facilities to 20 drop-off locations on campus.   

"JSU Dining Services is proud to be the first Sodexo unit in Alabama to host Kiwibot," said Scott Williams, general manager for JSU Dining Services. “We look forward to growing our partnership and serving the Friendliest Campus in the South."

Using Sodexo’s new mobile application, Everyday, customers can place an order with their chosen restaurant and a robot will pick up the food and deliver it to a selected campus drop-off spot. Users will receive a unique link to track their order so they can follow the robot's location in real-time, and upon arrival, open the lid and enjoy their meal.  

To ensure safe operations, Kiwibot relies on the most advanced technology and a semi-autonomous driving system. The robots create a virtual visualization of the world in real-time, using high-tech sensors, reflective flags, night lights and a range lidar. Human supervisors are on watch if additional assistance is needed and an on-site team will be ready for immediate support. 

Additionally, the Kiwibot emits zero carbon emissions, helping campus reduce its carbon footprint

"Kiwibots will bring joy to everyone on campus," said John Tarin, head of global operations at Kiwibot. "This service allows students, faculty and staff to not only invest their time more productively, but also to merge into robotics. It is an exciting endeavor for Kiwibot to be part of the JSU community and to help students get closer to the world of technology, robotics and entrepreneurship."

On JSU's campus, the Kiwibot is nicknamed Dex and has a personality unique to the university. He's a Gamecock fan who gets starstruck by Cocky and lovestruck by the talking Pelham Road crosswalk sign. He has been quoted as saying, “1 l0v3 j2u 4nd 4m 20 h499y 70 j01n 7h3 734m,” which translates in human to “I love JSU and am so happy to join the team.”

Delivery service begins Aug. 24 and hours will be Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Current dropoff locations include: 

  • Angle Hall
  • Ayers Hall
  • Crow Hall
  • Curtiss Hall
  • Daugette Hall
  • Dixon Hall
  • Fitzpatrick Hall
  • Hammond Hall
  • International House
  • Kennamer Hall
  • Mason Hall
  • Meehan Hall/JSU Stadium
  • Pannel Hall
  • Patterson Hall
  • Ramona Wood Hall
  • Rock House
  • Sparkman Hall
  • Stephenson Hall
  • Theron Montgomery Building 

To get started, download the Everyday App from the App Store or the Play Store. The Kiwibot delivery fee is $2, while subscriptions are also available. Learn more on the JSU Dining website or JSU's Fall 2022 Welcome Back website.