Unique Courses for Fall 2020


With a new semester approaching, comes a new list of unique and exciting courses being offer here at Jacksonville State University. Whether you’re interested in the history of video games, the writing styles behind your favorite murder mystery podcast, or learning more about why crimes occur- we have a course for you!

ART 130 Creative Thinking
Increase understanding of creativity and improve creative problem-solving skills through hands-on exercises and design problems. Participate in activities designed to help develop creativity and discuss the creative process from various theoretical perspectives. Course can count for fine arts in general studies.

DR 485 Special Topics in Performance: Video Games: History, Theory, and Performance
A comprehensive introduction to the critical study of video games through history, aesthetic analysis of video games as performance/text, and game creation (including the acting of video games). Issues of marginalization and violence in video games will also be examined. Activities will include not only reading and writing about video games, but also lectures on related topics, watching documentaries about gaming, in-depth class discussions and presentations, and most importantly, the actual playing of video games.

EH 332 Writing for Podcasts
Hooked on podcasts like SerialUp and Vanished, and My Favorite Murder?  Then why not learn how podcasts are written behind the scenes? In this course, students will be introduced to podcast production as it relates to writing styles, genres, research methods, ethical considerations, and best practices for writing podcast content. 

PSC 338: International Human Rights - Through this Fall 2020 course you will be able to examines the concept and role of human rights in international affairs. Highlights the origins of human rights protections. Observes incidents involving diverse groups internationally. Studies explanations for the causes of violations. Explores recommendations to protect human rights globally. 

EH 525 Major Authors Seminar: William Blake and the Poetry of Illumination
Before the graphic novel, there was William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.  This course will examine both the poetry and accompanying illustrations of William Blake's composite art in his illuminated books. 

EM 307: Pandemics & Pestilence
Students will learn how significant the burden of infectious diseases is on human populations and how pandemics occur. The course covers pandemic preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation strategies. In addition, the economic impacts associated with pandemic events will be covered. This is a FREE elective course will be offered in both the Summer II and Fall 2020 terms.

FL 424 Foreign Language Teaching Methods (Spanish)
This course offers students methods and principles of teaching Spanish in the K-12 environment. While it will not lead to teacher certification, the course will offer aspiring Spanish teachers a practical and theoretical foundation and helpful strategies for teaching Spanish.

HPE 158 Canoeing and Rafting

FLM 230 Introduction to Film
Introduction to film terminology, history, and theory; overview of the film-making process from concept to completion.

HY 423 Historical (B)ollywood
This class will explore the ways in which significant historical events are commemorated in Indian cinema. Several key points in the nation's history will be studied by conventional methods and subsequently re-studied through watching Bollywood productions.

DR 195 Explore Seminar: Hamilton: Race and Representation
Explore how telling the story of Alexander Hamilton through BIPOC bodies and voices alters the historical narrative. Discuss how "who lives, who dies, who tells your story" tackles issues of diverse representation, both on and off stage. Evaluate conflicting critical perceptions and how the history being made today alters our response, even to contemporary works. "This is not a moment; it's the movement!" 

Theories of Crime Causation - 13437 - CJ 300
Through the examination of biological, psychological, sociological, political and economic theories of crime causation, students will be able to learn more behind why crimes occur daily. This course is completely online and is available as an elective to all majors. 

HPE 110 Barre Pilates
HPE 147 CrossFit
HPE 158 Canoeing and Rafting
SMR 310 Camping and Outdoor Education
EH 195 Explore Seminar: Lyric & Verse: Poetry, Hip Hop, and Race in America