Students Elect 2020-21 Leadership


The coronavirus didn’t stop JSU students from electing their leaders for 2020-2021. While students have voted online for several years, the SGA was forced to move campaigning, speeches and debates online as well this year due to COVID-19. Students took to the virtual polls on Tuesday, April 14, casting their ballots for SGA executive officers, Student Senate, Mr. & Miss. Jax State and Mr. & Miss. Friendly.

Here are the results: 

Miss. Friendly: Avery Bobbitt 

Mr. Friendly: Mason Myrick

Miss. Jax State: Peeper Walker

Mr. Jax State: Will Dickson


SGA President: Jerod Sharp

Vice President of Student Senate: Cindy Danini

Vice President of Student Activities: Scout Spears 

Vice President of Public Relations: Brooke Robinson

Vice President of Organizational Affairs: There will be a runoff election on Thursday, April 16, between Auburn McKee and Gabriel Alvarez. Students should vote online using the same procedure used for the general election: Online, using the same link, from 12:01 a.m. to 4 p.m.


  • Kevin Barajas 
  • Britney Barker  
  • Maria Casil  
  • Adison Cook  
  • Olivia Fenderson  
  • Dexter Ferguson  
  • Molly Frost  
  • Timothy (Jacob) Hinkles 
  • Caleb Howell 
  • Jewelishia Johnson 
  • Zavius Kidd 
  • Lauren Lipscomb  
  • Arcadia Lopez 
  • Taylor Mabry  
  • Adam McNeal
  • Destiny Paris-Cartwright 
  • Christina Phillips 
  • Kaylee Rawlins  
  • Matthew Reed 
  • Kaleigh Rhoades  
  • Guadalupe Orozco Rosiles  
  • Tierra Thatch  
  • Lauryn Townsend  
  • Bless Vincent 
  • Natalie Walls  
  • Daniel Washington 
  • Marina Young  

Congratulations, candidates, and good luck in the year ahead as you work to represent your classmates.