Updates for Bookstore


Damaged Textbooks

As of 03/30, all of our major publishers have agreed to issue some sort of eText/Blackboard access to cover materials lost, and get students through the remainder of the semester. We have confirmation from McGraw-Hill, Cengage Learning, Pearson, and Wiley. This process is being handled through the instructors. They have pass codes from the publisher reps, allowing them to log students into materials as needed. The Campus Bookstore is encouraging all students to email their instructors for information about how to obtain textbook material.

If a student has a lesser-used text (smaller publication), the University has been asked to refer them back to the Bookstore. Bookstore staff will be working with the students on a case by case basis...Barnes & Noble will get them a book.

Rental students are being asked to email the Bookstore at sm278@bncollege.com - this way Bookstore staff can work with students one on one to address their specific needs, and see how they can best accommodate them.

Graduation Information

The Bookstore's process for graduation has not be affected at all from the storm. Graduation regalia will be onsale in the Bookstore beginning April 16th. Students will be able to pick up anything they need from that day until graduation. Any preorders taken at the Spring Grad fair will be available at that time as well.

Donations/Fundraising Efforts

The Campus Bookstore is hosting a fundraising event online at  https://jacksonvillesubookstore.ignitecx.com/JSUStrong  - where supports can purchase items as well as make direct donations to the JSU Foundation account. 100% of these profits are going to storm recovery.

Barnes & Noble has also reached out to our largest vendors regarding supply donations for our students. We are hoping to have extra pens, pencils, and notebooks on hand when students return! All donated supplies will be distributed at no charge for impacted students.

Student Questions/Concerns

The Campus Bookstore is participating in JSU's "One-Stop-Shop" on April 6th and 7th. Staff will be available during this time to answer any question students or parent may have. The Bookstore is also available via email at sm278@bncollege.com, or by phone at 256-782-5283.