Student Affairs Addresses Student Concerns Following Tornadoes - Mar 21


Dear students,

All of us at JSU have been significantly impacted by the recent tornadoes that swept through campus and the surrounding areas Monday night. I also realize that many of you have lost everything and are wondering how you will be able to continue, not only this semester but going forward to Summer and Fall 2018. Please know we are working diligently on a number of aspects to address the many questions you have.

First and foremost we have to ensure safety on campus prior to any students returning. To do this JSU personnel, working in conjunction with state and federal officials, will need time. There are over 70 buildings on campus to review. Each facility will have to be reviewed more than one time. More than likely the evaluation of safety will take the remainder of this week and into next week. I realize many of you want to return to campus to collect personal effects, but it is too dangerous to do so at this time. Once the all clear is given you will be notified.

Second, the Provost, Deans and Registrar will be meeting soon to ascertain how we can fulfill our academic obligations for the last three weeks of class. We have seniors preparing to graduate and their needs will be paramount. In addition we have students who need grades in courses in order to move forward with their academic program. It is a monumental task to devise a system that will work for everyone, but your Provost, Deans and Registrar are committed to assisting you through the end of the term.

Third, my team is coordinating housing for displaced students who reside on campus. We will notify you when this is complete. Furthermore we are working with outside agencies to address the housing needs of students who live off campus. If you live off campus, please look for information about who to contact in the coming days on the JSU web site or through JSU's social media platform.

Lastly I've been in communication with colleagues at other universities across the state. Many of them are organizing funding drives for our students. In the very near future I hope to have at my disposal gift cards that you will be able to use at Wal Mart or surrounding stores to replenish items you may have lost in the storm.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. This is new to all of us so we welcome suggestions for improving our response to best address your needs.

Kind regards,

Timothy B. King, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs