Student Affairs Update Mar 27



As some of you probably noticed, I was up early this morning. Too early. I was responding to emails at 2 a.m. and some of you replied at 3 a.m. What could you all possibly be doing at 3 a.m.? More than likely, you were doing the same thing I was doing - thinking about the many things we need to do to recover. Well, staying up too late and not sleeping is not ideal. First and foremost, all of us need to stay healthy and take care of our needs. Thus, I want to remind you to eat healthy, get sleep and decompress as best you can. In addition, drink lots of water.

In addition, it is never too early to start talking about mental health and the recovery process. As I stated yesterday, we have counselors and social workers at the Disaster Recovery Center located at the Train Depot in Jacksonville, and we will provide the same on campus when students return. Whether you are in Jacksonville or not, this was a traumatic event and it will cause an impact of some sort in your life. Be cognizant of it and do not be afraid to seek assistance. As I always ask students, if you had a problem with your heart wouldn't you go to the doctor for medical intervention? Your brain is no different. It is an organ and sometimes it reacts to the circumstances encountered in ways that interfere with daily living. If this is happening to you now, you know it is time to speak to a professional. They are trained to guide you through these tough times.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

I know you are busy considering what academic option is best for you in each course in consultation with your advisor and professors. It is very important that you do not forget to contact financial aid about the potential impact of your choices. The Financial Aid office is monitoring phone lines and emails and can be reached at 256-782-5006 or We will work diligently and as quickly as possible to get you the answers you need.

The Scholarship Office is back to work and answering questions as they arise. They are also scurrying to finish application reviews for 2018-19. Please call 256-782-8040 or email for assistance.


I have received many questions about books, mainly “what should students do if they don't have books because of the storm?” The JSU Bookstore announced today that most of the major publishers would be issuing eText access to cover materials lost to get students through the remainder of the semester. Both McGraw-Hill and Cengage Learning have confirmed that this process will be handled through Blackboard and your instructors. We do expect most of the other larger publishers to handle it in the same format. We encourage all students to email their instructors for information about obtaining textbook material. If a student has a less-used book from a smaller publisher, please contact the Bookstore. They will be working with the students on a case-by-case basis, but they will get you a book! Book rental students, please feel free to email the Bookstore at

Two Student Affairs Departments Temporarily Relocating

Due to storm damage, the International House and Programs staff will relocate to Veteran Services (located in Daugette Hall basement) later this week and Career Services is moving to the historic Kitty Stone facility behind First United Methodist Church of Jacksonville. These moves are temporary; however, no timetable has been set for their return to pre-storm locations.


University Housing and Operations staff have been busy reaching out to off-campus students to assist with relocation options at JSU or Ft. McClellan. If you are an off-campus resident and need somewhere to live for the remainder of the term, please see the JSU Strong web site and complete an application for housing. It is relatively simple.

In addition, I received a call today from the manager at The Reserve. He indicated that he knows residents are frustrated and, if he could, he would allow students to return. He informed me that a structural engineer is inspecting buildings today and he should have an answer for returning students within 48 hours.

Need Legal Advice?

There is now an attorney at the Disaster Recovery Center at the Train Depot in Jacksonville, and we will have additional legal resources on campus April 6-7 at the One Stop Shop located in the TMB. We are meeting Thursday to set times for One Stop Shop hours of operation.

Thanks again for your continued patience, although you are probably tired of reading that sentiment. Recovery is a long process with peaks and valleys. We have made progress and the SGA has even rescheduled Cockystock for April 18th. It will be a time to connect and enjoy each other and listen to great music. I look forward to seeing you there. Until Wednesday, #jsustrong, #gamecockstrong.

Kind regards,


Timothy B. King, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs
Jacksonville State University