Student Affairs Update Mar 24


Dear Students,

The President, Provost and Crisis Response Team heard your concerns about being able to complete the semester. We had a productive conversation about potentially offering students three options: 1) use the current grade earned as the final grade for all classes or for select classes, 2) take an incomplete in all or select classes and finish the class(es) through the applicable incomplete procedure, 3) complete the semester for all or select classes and complete course requirements. Each student’s situation is different; therefore, it is imperative that students make these decisions wisely and with input from faculty and academic advisers who are very knowledgeable about degree and accreditation requirements. For those without access to the Internet, we will have a central advising location set up in TMB once campus re-opens.

We still have many factors to discuss and a procedure to develop; so please bear with us as we move through this process. I will have more information on these academic options late Monday afternoon.

For students who have concerns about accessing The Reserve for personal effects, please know I have reached out to them with an inquiry and I am waiting on a response. Gamecock Village has a post-up on Facebook about their procedures. If you reside in Gamecock Village, please review that Facebook post.

For students who live in The Avenues, we have not forgotten you. You are more than welcome to take advantage of our relocation services by completing an application via the JSUStrong web site.

My team is meeting Monday and developing a plan for providing you with services when you return. Please feel free to comment publicly about what we need to provide for you or send me a private message. We want to respond to your needs as best we can. The more we know about you and your situation, the better response we can provide.

Until Monday, #jsustrong, #gamecockstrong

Timothy B. King, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs

Jacksonville State University