Fund Raising Designs Must First be Approved


While we appreciate everyone's efforts and willingness to raise money please remember there are guidelines that must be followed to protect the JSU brand. If you are using the JSU Logo, name, marks, must first have permission. If you are using on promotional products such as shirts, decals, must use a licensed vendor. A list of approved vendors can be found at Once you submit order with them they pass artwork on to Marketing for approval. They are our partners and have went through the licensing process to gain approval to use our marks.

Local vendors that have recently submitted officially licensed fundraising artwork for products include Red Threads, Get Personalized and Screen Out Graphics. If you are working with a vendor that is not currently licensed and would like to become one please have them contact Mary Smith, Director of Marketing and Licensing at

Three T-Shirts Designs Approved by JSU

Approved T-Shirt Designs