JSU Professor Appointed to Commission by Governor


Dr. Robert Carter, JSU professor of Biology, has been appointed to the Alabama Commission on Tick-Borne Illness by Gov. Robert Bentley.

According to the bill, the commission “is created in order to coordinate research on the prevention of tick borne illness in the state.”

In addition to coordinating research, the commission seeks to “make suggestions for the treatment of and reduction and eradication of tick-borne illness in Alabama.”

“Tick-borne diseases are poorly understood health issues,” stated Carter. “There are many people that are left untreated or with improper treatment due to the complexities of understanding disease ecology. I hope that I can contribute to a healthier Alabama by participating in the Tick-borne Disease Commission.”

His first meeting with the commission will be at the end of December.

At JSU, Carter serves as the director of the Center for Tick-Borne Disease Ecology, which provides an avenue for research and education in multidisciplinary areas of tick behavior, ecology, host range effects, microbiology and molecular technique development. The Center facilitates collaboration and partnerships within JSU and across the Southeastern region. 

JSU would like to congratulate Carter on this prestigious appointment and wish him the best as he serves the state of Alabama in this capacity.