Student Life Hosted Inaugural Cocky Leadership Summit on Oct. 1


On Saturday, October 1, 2016, the Office of Student Life hosted the inaugural Cocky Leadership Summit at the Houston Cole Library. This event was designed to help connect first year students and get them actively involved with different clubs and organizations on campus to help better prepare them for their future endeavors at JSU and life after graduation. Studies have shown that students who are involved on their college campus have a higher GPA, are more likely to graduate, and have a better college experience. Throughout the day, students were introduced to techniques to better themselves as leaders and become involved at JSU. 

Goals for the event were:

1. Identify personal leadership qualities and strengths in an effort to increase the leadership potential of the students.
2. Identify how to effectively use social media. 
3. Identify and understand personal goals pertaining to the students' college career.
4. Identify and understand problem solving skills.
5. Identify and understand conflict resolution skills. 
6. Identify involvement opportunities on campus.
7. Connect students to student organizations across campus. 
8. Connect students to other first year students at JSU.

Along with the learning objectives, the motto for the day was, “Leadership is a process, not a position.” The idea for this day was to get students to realize that leadership, in addition to their goals, do not become a reality over night; it takes time to fulfill what we set out to do with our lives. 

After students learned the skills needed to be a successful leader, the day culminated with a game of glow in the dark capture the flag on the quad. Students had extremely positive comments about the day: 

“I feel as if the Cocky Leadership Summit introduced me to many strategies in what a leader is and what a leader should be.”

“I feel the greatest impact Cocky Leadership Summit had on me was helping me make friends as well as learning leadership skills.”

“I feel like I can lead the world now!”

For more information about the Cocky Leadership Summit, please contact the Office of Student Life at ext. 5491.

Photo: Students at the inaugural Cocky Leadership Summit (JSU/Office of Student Life courtesy).