JSU Trustees Approve Tuition Increase Effective Spring 2017


At its quarterly meeting on July 18, the Jacksonville State University Board of Trustees approved a proposal to increase tuition 3 percent for both undergraduate and graduate students with a corresponding offsetting reduction in tuition for online courses, effective Spring 2017.

Comprised of JSU faculty, staff and students, the JSU Tuition Evaluation Taskforce was formed in the spring to ensure that any changes in tuition and fees were handled transparently, openly and collaboratively.

“The university is keenly aware of this generation’s struggle with the rising cost of college attendance,” said President John Beehler. “JSU is committed to offering an affordable choice for those wishing to advance themselves through the pursuit of higher education, therefore the university does not take lightly any increases in student tuition and fees.”

As a result of these tuition re-configurations, JSU will drop from 5th to 8th in tuition among the 14 public universities in Alabama. A survey of the public universities in Alabama showed an increase in tuition between 2-6 percent. JSU spends a higher percentage of its tuition and fees on scholarships than any of its Alabama peers.

A fee structure was also introduced as part of the university’s strategic change in its pricing model. Currently JSU is ranked 10 out of the 14 public universities in fee costs.