Dr. Campbell to Present "'Hayy ibn Yaqzan,' the World's First Science Fiction Novel" on March 2


On Wednesday, March 2, Dr. Ian Campbell, from Georgia State University, will present “Speculative Fiction and Philosophy: 'Hayy ibn Yaqzan,' the World's First Science Fiction Novel," a lecture on the first Arabic novel by 12th-century Spanish Muslim writer Ibn Tufayl. 

Campbell directs the Arabic program at Georgia State University in Atlanta. His work on Arabic-language Moroccan novels has appeared in the Journal of Arabic Literature and Middle East Literatures. His book "Labyrinths, Intellectuals, and the Revolution: The Arabic-Language Moroccan Novel," 1957–72 was published by Brill in 2013. His work on Arabic-language science fiction has appeared in Science Fiction Studies and the New York Review of Science Fiction. He also administers a YouTube channel, Arabic Grammar Unpacked.

This event, organized by the English Department and the Faculty Commons, will take place at 4:30 p.m. on the 11th floor of the Houston Cole Library. For more information, please contact Dr. Raina Kostova at rkostova@jsu.edu.