JSU Awarded $330K Grant to Support Veteran Students


The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Jacksonville State University a grant totaling $330,726 to establish a Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success on campus.

The grant, along with matching funds from JSU, will establish a stand-alone center for veteran students with the goal of increasing enrollment, good academic standing, persistence, and graduation rates at the university.

"Everything is about collaboration,” said Allison Newton, principal investigator on the project. “We couldn’t have accomplished this without the hard work, dedication, and commitment of those involved in the project. Survey data from our veteran students identified their unique needs and over the past two years we have worked to provide the infrastructure to meet those needs. This grant will allow us to create a stand alone, 'one-stop-shop' model program that can be replicated not only in our state and region, but nationally."

The center will support veteran students and ensure their college success by providing the academic, financial, physical and social services as identified by the veteran survey.

Gretchen Richards, co-principal investigator for the project, said, "The Department of Education has allowed JSU and the Research Center for Veteran Support Services to begin an exciting and innovative program to give back to our men and women who served our country. This is an exciting time for our university, the center, and most of all our veterans and active military students."

The Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success, along with the Research Center for Veteran Support Services and the JSU Veteran Student Organization, will actively provide programs and opportunities for veterans, both on campus and in the community.