Educational Kiosk Installed at JSU’s Little River Canyon Center


Most everyone loves a good rain, especially in the summer when it’s hot and dry. But, did you know that the rain washes pollutants into ditches and streams, which flows to the nearest river or reservoir where we like to swim and fish?  Motor oil, fertilizer, loose soil, pesticides and pet waste are a few of the most common stormwater pollutants that wash untreated into Alabama waters.  The solution to this problem is a challenge, but if every citizen does his or her part around their home and business, we can minimize stormwater pollution and make a huge difference in water quality.

The Alabama Clean Water Partnership, a statewide nonprofit organization focused on stormwater education, has teamed up with the Jacksonville State University to place an educational computer kiosk programmed with fun, water-related educational games at the Little River Canyon Center in Fort Payne.  The water cycle, watersheds, stormwater pollution and nutrient enrichment are topics highlighted through kiosk games, meant to educate all ages.   

"Everything we do at the Jacksonville State University Canyon Center is about the protection of Little River Canyon and because that starts with water quality, we thank the Alabama Clean Water Partnership for loaning us an interactive kiosk that’s already drawn hundreds of people to learn more," said the Canyon Center Director Pete Conroy. “It’s right in the lobby so folks can come out to play and learn from it anytime.”

 Heidi Richards, Coosa River Basin facilitator for the Alabama Clean Water Partnership, stated, “The local stakeholders and I are excited to partner with Coosa Valley RC&D, ADEM and EPA on this project.  Many people think that it is someone else’s place to protect the water quality in our rivers and streams.  This educational kiosk will teach that all folks regardless of age can make a difference by incorporating little changes in our daily lives.  It is my hope that those that reside in the Coosa River Basin continue to learn how to play and protect this great natural resource that has been given to us.”

The kiosk was installed by the Alabama Clean Water Partnership in partnership with the Little River Canyon Center, Jacksonville State University, Coosa Valley Resource Conservation & Development Council, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 4, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and Hamline University’s Center for Global Environmental Education in St. Paul, MN.  To get involved and learn about more ways you can reduce pollution in your watershed, please click here or contact Pete Conroy at (256) 782-8010.