Trustees Approve Increased Insurance Cost for JSU Employees


Today, the Jacksonville State University Board of Trustees voted to pass Resolution 561 authorizing an increase in the payroll deduction for each full-time, active university employee. JSU has been enrolled in PEEHIP since 1996 and, prior to this year, complete funding for the employer portion of the insurance premiums was provided through the Alabama Legislature’s operations and maintenance appropriation to the university. No university received state funding to cover increased PEEHIP costs for the upcoming fiscal year.

University President Dr. William Meehan explained, “Because of the decision of the State Legislature to no longer fund the increase of PEEHIP for any university, we must now ask our employees to subsidize a greater portion of their healthcare.”

The university explored every avenue, including other health care plans, in an effort to avoid passing the increase along to employees, but PEEHIP remains the best and most affordable option for JSU employees at this time. The University will continue to investigate alternatives. Even with this increase the insurance rates are equitable as compared to other universities.

The complete scale is as follows: 

Staff and Escrow* Faculty Non-Escrow** Faculty
Salary Range Additional Monthly Insurance Deduction

$ 0 — $ 34,999

$ 46.00

$   61.33

$ 35,000 — $ 53,999

$ 66.00

$   88.00

$ 54,000 or more

$ 86.00

$ 114.67

*Escow faculty are 9-month faculty who receive payments over 12 months. **Non-escrow faculty are 9-month faculty who receive payments over 9 months.

A letter notifying JSU employees of specifics will be sent this week via campus mail.