Outstanding Faculty Awards Winners Announced at May 6 Program


Jacksonville State University recognized Outstanding Faculty Awards winners, faculty research award, tenure and promotion recipients as well as retirees and scholars at the annual Faculty Awards Program on May 6 on the fifth floor of Stadium Towers.

Guest speaker at this year’s program was Dr. George Mehaffy, who inspired JSU’s Red Balloon Initiative. Dr. Mehaffy has served for 14 years as the Vice President for Academic Leadership and Change at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) in Washington, D.C. His division develops and manages programs for member institutions, like JSU, in areas such as leadership development, undergraduate education, instructional technology, international education, and teacher education.

Winners of the Outstanding Faculty Awards were:

Earlon & Betty McWhorter Outstanding Teacher Award- Dr. David Dempsey, associate professor of Mathematics;

Cleo & Carla Thomas Award for Outstanding Community Education/Service- Dr. Mark Meade, professor of Biology;

Faculty Scholar Lecturer Award- Dr. Guillermo Francia, professor of Computer Science and CISA director;

Raymond & Ruth Ringer Faculty Development Award- Dr. Aaron Garrett, assistant professor, MCIS (Mathematical, Computing and Information Sciences);

Dr. George Mehaffy Excellence in Learning Technology Award- Dr. David Thornton, assistant professor, MCIS.

Other recognized at the event were:

Faculty Receiving Doctorates
Dr. Makenzie Bayles, Assistant Professor in Psychology
Dr. Ken Bodiford, Director of Bands and Assistant Professor in Music
Dr. Taleah Collum, Assistant Professor, Finance, Economics and Accounting

Retiring Faculty

Dr. Adrian Aveni, Professor, SYSW;
Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Distinguished Professor,MGT/MKT;
Dr. Kenneth Day, MGT/MKT;
Dr. Donnie Ford, Dept. Head,MCIS;
Ms. Gloria Horton, Instructor, EH;
Ms. Susan McCain, DR;
Dr. Jim McIntyre, FEAC;
Mr. Jeff Parker, Instructor, MGT/MKT;
Dr. Randal Wood, Criminal Justice

Promotion and Tenure

(Promotion is effective October 1, 2014 and Tenure is effective at the beginning of the Fall 2014 Semester.)

Distinguished Lecturer

Mr. Scott Beckett.

Associate Professor

Dr. Amy Franklin, Dr. Aaron Garrett, Dr. Paul Hathaway, Ms. Allison McElroy, Dr. John Patrick McGrail, Dr. David Thornton.


Dr. Robert Carter, Dr. Youngmi Kim, Dr. Jaedeok Kim, Dr. Rebecca Peinhardt.


Dr. Amy Franklin, Dr. Aaron Garrett, Dr. Paul Hathaway, Dr. David Thornton, Ms. Allison McElroy, Dr. John Patrick McGrail, Dr. Rebecca Peinhardt.

Fulbright Scholars

Dr. Joe Delap, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies to India; and

Dr. Aaron Garrett, Associate Professor in Mathematical, Computing and Information Sciences, to Latvia.

Wuhan Scholars

Ms. Hanrong Wang, Library

QEP Faculty Mentors

Mr. Rodney Bailey, Dr. Randal Blades, Dr. Jan Case, Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka, Dr. Llewellyn Cook, Dr. Gordon Harvey, Ms. Carrie Kirk, Dr. Tamara Levi, Ms. Mica Mecham, Dr. Joe Morgan, Dr. Margaret Poplin, Dr. Teresa Reed, Dr. Erin Rider, Ms. Tanya Sasser, and Dr. Stephen Tsikalas.

Faculty Research Awards

College of Arts and Sciences- Eric Best, Jan Case, LaJoyce Debro, Tina Deshotels, Guillermo Francia III, Joanne Gates, Larry Gray, Mijitaba Hamissou, Gloria Horton, Tanveerul Islam, Jaedeok Kim, Kihyun Kim, Youngmi Kim, Srinivasarao Krishnaprasad, Bill Lowe, Maureen Newton, Linda Plotnick, Andrea Porter, James Rayburn, Erin Rider, Jeremy Ross, Jamie Runnells, Manabu Saeki, Roger Sauterer, Nancy F. Stewart, David Thornton, Lori Tolley-Jordan, Monica Trifas, Jimmy Triplett, Lisa Williams.

College of Commerce and Business Administration- Doris Bennett, Benjamin Boozer, Patricia Borstorff, Shawn Carter, Ronnie Clayton, Kenneth Day, Michael Featherstone, William Fielding, Ben Hardy, Mark Hearn, Robert J. Landry III, Keith Lowe, Cynthia McCarty, Bill Scroggins, Jr., Cynthia Sneed, John Sneed, Falynn Turley, Christopher Westley.

College of Education and Professional Studies- Joseph Akpan, Linda Allen, Donnie Andrews, Janet Bavonese, Robbie Boggs, Jeff Chandler, Jeannie Frazier, Lori alloway, Teresa Gardner, Debra Goodwin, Kory Hill, Dana Ingalsbe, Kyoko Johns, Jerry Kiser, William Kiser, Terry Marbut, Jill Marsh, Betty Morris, Charles Notar, Tim Roberts, Malinda Staubs, Gina Thornburg, Roland Thornburg, Kimberly Townsel, Jennifer Troncale.

College of Nursing- Sharron DeWeese, Jennifer Frank, Elizabeth Gulledge, Kimberly Helms, Lori Hill, Leigh Ann Keith, Rebecca Peinhardt, Anita Kay Prickett, Christie Shelton, Phyllis Waits, Laura Puitt Walker.

Educational Technology and Support- Hungwei Tseng.

Houston Cole Library- John-Bauer Graham, Carley Knight, Bethany Latham, Jodi Poe, Kimberly Stevens, Yingqi Tang, Charlcie Pettway Vann, Hanrong Wang.

Service Pin Recipients

Ten Year Pins

Paul R. Beezley, Associate Professor; Christy L. Burns, Instructor;Jennifer B. Frank, Instructor; Larry A. Gray, Associate Professor; Antionette Hudson, Instructor; William A. Lowe, Associate Professor; Joy W. Maloney, Instructor; David C. Thornton, Professor

Fifteen Year Pins

Rodney A. Bailey, Instructor; Lawrence A. Beard, Professor; Benjamin B. Boozer, Assistant Professor; Mark A. Brandon, Instructor; Llewellyn D. Cook, Professor; Patricia J. Corbin, Professor; Brent J. Cunningham, Professor; Jennifer F. Foster, Instructor; Lawrence C. Gillespie, Instructor; James L. Thomas, Professor; Christopher A. Westley, Professor; Audria A. White, Instructor.

Twenty Year Pins

Marilyn H. Bougere, Instructor; Guillermo A. Francia, Professor; Lynetta A. Owens, Instructor.

Twenty-Five Year Pins

Patricia C. Borstorff, Distinguished Professor; Chi C. Chao,  Associate Professor; LaJoyce H. Debro, Distinguished Professor; Mark Hearn, Professor; Gloria P. Horton, Instructor; Ronald G. Koss, Associate Professor; Julia F. Wooster, Instructor.

Thirty Years

Mary D. Bevis, Professor.

Thirty –Five Years

Steve White, Professor.

Forty-Five Years

Phillip Koerper, Professor.

Fifty Years
Peter Robinson, Professor.