JSU Career Services to Host Social Security Administration 2014 Resume Collection Day on June 10


The Social Security Administration will collect resumes for upcoming job openings on June 10 in the Merrill Hall Lobby beginning at 11 a.m. Social Security jobs open at the GS-5, GS-6, and GS-7 levels, with salaries ranging from $31,628 - $50,932. 

What to bring:  1 - 2 copies of JSU candidate's resume

What to expect:  Wait in line to drop off JSU candidate's resume.  These 40+ positions have not been posted yet and will not be until June 18-20.  So, this is an opportunity to personally deliver a resume to the SSA recruiter(s) and introduce yourself in-person, before the positions are posted.  This is a rare opportunity and SSA has selected JSU to recruit from for their job opportunities scheduled to be filled in August 2014.

Tips for Applying

Resumes/Applications:  You must submit a resume/application.  In your resume, you must include dates of employment for each job listed (month/day/year) as well as the average number of hours worked per week (40 hour, 20 hours).  Submit a chronological resume (work experience/skills should be listed under each job title with the most recent position listed first).

Education:  When you apply, if you are qualifying for the vacancy based on your education (e.g., bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, GPA, class standing, or membership in a national honor society), submit proof of your education (i.e., proof of GPA would be college transcripts (Official or Unofficial) from all colleges attended or a letter from the college verifying class standing or membership in a national honor society).  If you are selected, you must immediately submit official transcripts or the original letter which verifies your class standing or membership in a national horror society.   See item below on foreign institutions.

Work Experience:  If you claim you have work experience which meets the qualification requirements, your resume or application must support that claim.  For example, if you indicate on the online questionnaire that you have experience explaining and applying regulations, we will expect to see a description of these kinds of duties on your application or resume.

Resume Ex:  Experience managing logistical arrangements for meetings, videoconferences, etc., including travel arrangements, schedules, reservations, vouchers/expenses, etc.

I arrange meetings and make travel arrangements.

I routinely manage, coordinate and negotiate all logistical arrangements for meetings including room reservations, setups, etc. (provide an example of a meeting you arranged that may have had unique requirements or because of its size was particularly challenging).  Using online reservation system, I also coordinate and schedule all air/ground travel reservations, hotel accommodations, and directions.  I routinely voucher all trips timely following return form travel.

Foreign Colleges/Universities:  If you claim a college degree from a foreign institution, you must submit evidence that your education is equivalent to the educational standards in the United States (e.g., an evaluation from a U.S. college or university or from a credential evaluation service).  Information on credential evaluation services may be found at the following internet address:  http://www.edupass.org/admissions/evalutation.phtml

Veterans Preference:  If you are claiming veterans’ preference, you must submit proof of eligibility, such as a DD-214 or a SF 15 (if applicable) and the proof requested on the form.  If one of your documents is a Letter from the VA, please submit all pages of the letter.