Construction Underway at Pete Mathews Coliseum


Construction is now fully underway at Pete Mathews Coliseum.  Following are a few key highlights:    

    1. From now until August 15, access to the coliseum is restricted.  This facility has been turned over to the general contractor and the exterior locks to the facility have been changed to prevent access. 
    2. The pool will be closed until the fall semester. 
    3. The auxiliary parking lot between the tennis courts and the track has been provided to the general contractor for material & equipment storage. 
    4. A large portion of the parking lot surrounding the facility will be closed.  Please see the attachment.  An L-shaped portion of the parking lot extending from the soccer field around to the tennis courts will be blocked off for the duration of the project. 
    5. The front parking lot is unaffected and available.  A small portion of the parking lot in the rear nearest the tennis courts will also remain unaffected and available.