Gamecock Battalion Headed to Ranger Challenge 2014


The Gamecock Battalion ROTC will compete against 52 other teams at the Ranger Challenge 2014 event at Camp Blanding, Florida on January 23-26. The two-day event will test the cadets’ critical thinking abilities while working as a team.  The team will travel over a 20.5 mile course on foot and have to negotiate numerous obstacles. Each day of the event will begin at 6:30 a.m.. Here are the events:

Day 1- January 24

  • M16 3 Shot group and marksmanship range
  • Hand Grenade Assault Course
  • 4 Mile timed foot march with 25 plus pounds in the ruck sack
  • Land Navigation course

The entire distance traveled on day one is approximately seven miles.

Day 2- January 25

  • Obstacle Course
  • Triage - combat first-aid
  • One-rope bridge
  • Zodiac (tactical boat)
  • Commander's Challenge
  • Overall time on the course
  • The entire distance traveled on day two is 13.5 miles.

Best of luck to the Gamecock Battalion!




(Training photos courtesy of Gamecock Battalion)